tadah of urbansmarts.com
· best albums
- Blueprint : The Weight Room
- Jon Doe : Meet Jon Doe
- Maker : Honestly
- Murs : The End Of The Beginning
- Omid : Monolith
- Sackcloth Fashion : The Lone Flower
- Sole : Selling Live Water
· albums I listened to
- ArcSin : Resonant Murk Tactics
- Coldplay : A Rush Of Blood To The Head
- Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes : The Best Of…
- Method Man : Tical
- Mobb Deep presents Free Agents The Murda Mixtape - The Bonus Disc
- Muse : Origin Of Symmetry
- Nick Drake : Bryter Layter
- Oasis : Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants
- Pete Yorn : Day I Forgot
- Pink Floyd : The Division Bell
- Quincy Jones : Big Band Bossa Nova
- Original Soundtrack : Moulin Rouge
- Sichtbeton : Sichtbeton
- Soul Purpose : 8 Million Stories
- Sigur Rós : Ágætis byrjun
- Stevie Wonder : Talking Book
- Tony Bennett : Sings Ellington
- Viktor Vaughn : Vaudeville Villain
- Yejide The Night Queen : Seventh
· best songs
- Doug Evans : Soul Cinema
- Doug Evans : The Enlightened Rapper
- Doug Evans : Gift Of Gab (God's Gift)
- Jehst : Adventures In New Bohemia
- Jon Doe feat. C-Rayz Walz : These Bills
- Jon Doe feat. Supastition : The Signature (Rock On)
- King Geedorah feat. Gigan : Krazy World
- King Gordy : When Darkness Falls
- Locksmith (Frontline) : KMEL Battle (Made You Shook)
- Murs : God's Work
- Oh No : What The Fuck
- Sole : Da Baddest Poet
- Soul Supreme feat. Pete Rock, A.G. & T-Max : Queen (Hip-Hop)
- Tragedy Khadafi : Hood
· best beats
- see above
- Blueprint : The Proper Education
- Nas : Made You Look
so good I mention it again this year
· best producers
- Alias
- Amon Tobin
- ArcSin
- Blueprint
- Craig Armstrong
- Jon Doe
- Szymon Zurn
- Timbaland
· best emcee
- Aceyalone
- Louis Logic
- everyone in the Weightless Family
· favorite artwork
- Murs : The End Of The Beginning
- Stacs Of Stamina / Pilot Baloon split 10"
· favorite labels
- Daybyday
- Ninja Tune
· biggest surprise
- Sackcloth Fashion : The Lone Flower
quite frankly, the first album was really bad. but this one here is really good. now if that's not a surprise
- Sole : Selling Live Water
I was really not expecting much from this album, but from the first track on, it's just absolutely good
- Sean Paul : Get Busy
I don't like Ragga. Actually I hate it. And "Gimme The Light" was such utter crap, that I was, well, surprised when I heard "Get Busy", which I find to be good
· biggest disappointment
- Definitive Jux not keeping up their track record
- all the given 'super' albums (Gang Starr, Jay-Z, OutKast) being good, but not that good
- that I can't get all the work done that I want to get done. I need some extra hours for each day
· books I read
- Aaron McGruder : The Boondocks - A Right To Be Hostile
- Carl Hiaasen : Double Whammy
just one of about four I read this year. all of 'em are highly entertaining. so turn off your tv and read some Hiaasen
- Christopher Brookmyre : One Fine Day In The Middle Of The Night
a scotsman writes wacky stories? I'm with that
- Chuck Palahniuk : Survivor
- Ego Trip's Big Book Of Racism!
good book to read during the tv commercial breaks
- Greg Palast : The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
the world is an ugly place if the truth can be in print and no one cares
- Hunter S. Thompson : Fear And Loathing In America - The Brutal Odyssey Of An Outlaw Journalist 1968 - 1976
- Michael Chabon : Wonder Boys
was a disappointment, because the movie makes more sense than the book. now that's a first.
- Nick Hornby : 31 Songs
· movies I saw
- Finding Nemo
- Kill Bill Pt. 1
ever scene should have been 30% shorter
- Spellbound
that was an interesting film
- a lot of movies on DVD, like Hero (the one with Jet Li, incredible camera work), Kaliber Deluxe (cool Austrian flick), some Danish movie called In China They Eat Dogs (or something similar), Clerks, Moulin Rouge (I wanted to hate it but really liked it), Training Day, Bend It Like Bekham, Friday After Next, etc. etc.
· websites I visited
- cryptome.org
note, some of the content is illegal in places like England. go there now.
- google.ch
- heise.de
- yahoo.com
- daybydayent.com
· foods I ate
- a lot of excellent Mexican food, the best in the city of Sanoma
- great Indian (Shalimar Garden) and vegetarian food (at the Millenium, expensive) in San Francisco
- nothing that used to have a face, eyes or was an animal
· things that made me smile
- again all the urbansmarts contributors
- amazon.de selling a lot of good cds for about $6
- interviews that went well
- being in California
- being in England
- encouraging emails
- Eminem winning an Oscar
- my sister giving birth to her first son
- the diss track that was recorded about me
- all the early 90s music that is finally released
- this
· things that made me go hmm
- all those retro-rap tracks
- all those remix albums
- walking over the Golden Gate Bridge. that was a very humbling experience
- loosing weight simply by eating less
· things that made me cringe
- eating less
- the US government using "1984" as a blueprint for the future (and in many ways present)
- Japan only releases
- re-releases with bonus tracks
- splitting up with my girlfriend of six years
- wack rappers getting props
- that you need to download music in order to know the artists discography
- people only listening to rap and/or one aspect of rap
- unprofessional artists, labels, road managers...
- those noise sounds over promo records. How can you like something if that sound makes the whole music sound annoying? That makes me hate the record.
· best moment(s) of 2003
- travelling to Cali and England
- finding all the records that I was looking for
· worst moment(s) of 2003
my computer hard disc dying and me loosing all my files, including unpublished reviews, interviews, plus adresses, stories, poems, etc. etc.
· what I'd like to see in 2004
- more music by Masta Ace, J-Live, Supastition, Doug Evans, Ski, Scarub, Locksmith (and Frontline), TTC, Vitamin D, Kwest Tha Madd Lad, Jon Doe and O.C.
- Daybyday getting all the records out and getting the props they deserve
- Formula Werks clothes on my back
- more battle records without anyone getting hurt
- all the 'announced' records actually getting released
- more shelved early 90s stuff getting released
- more Punk'd episodes
- be able to listen to every damn record I want to listen to
· what I don't want to see in 2004
- another boring live hip hop show
- that guy re-elected
- spam
- haters
· hip hop in 2004 will be...
extremely boring and almost unbearably exciting
· my new years resolutions
get a broadband connection