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interview : Luke Geraty

Welcome to the Luke Geraty series. Five interviews the man did 2002. With the new design of his website he was about to take 'em down. Enter urbansmarts to the rescue and to give the interviews a new home. So welcome to the Luke Geraty series.
Starting up we got Adeem, acclaimed battle emcee, a Dorian Three, a sweet talker to your brain.
ADeeM, I have to get this out of the way, because a lot of people wanna know the answer to this: You've won Scribble Jam 2 times now, how has this affected you? Do you still deal with people trying to battle you at every show, in the parking lots of record stores, online, through email, etc? Do you feel Scribble Jam has helped you in a lot of ways, or done more damage?
Well, that is a good question, I guess. Winning Scribble Jam has had negative and positive effects. It's funny because I'm not really one to focus on negativity and that's all I feel that battles are about. I used to have fun doing it, but I guess it hasn't been so fun as of lately. I never intended on making a career on battling. I hope that in a short time that I'm not even known for that. I work very hard on making music, which is the most important thing for me. I also don't think that I give out the vibe that I'm looking for a challenge. If people have a problem with me then I would much rather settle it through other forms of communication and not rapping. But yeah there is the occasional person who thinks they can take some 'title' away from me. I'm pretty flattered that they think I'm worth something, but it gets annoying. There are no excuses I put myself out there, but I think half of the kids that have stepped to me have had the wrong idea and just wasted time. Punch line this, like like like like. These kids are funny, but they have no style, they are good comedians, but horrible rappers. That's my opinion.
Do you want to move away from the battle image you've somewhat developed, or are you content with taking names for the next couple of years?

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I think it's a natural progression. No matter what you do in life, you will meet people who are negative and just want to put you down, because they have nothing better to do. I get a lot of that from battling. It's not fun for me. I'm a writer and musician, so my albums will speak for themselves. I'll take a name if I really need to, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.
How did you start your path into hip-hop, and what projects have you released so far?
My path is the same as everyone else. It seems I've been listening to hip-hop my whole life, being obsessed with everything that went along with it. It started for me in '86 when I was just a little Adeem. So far I've done the first few inches, the Dorian Three, and "Sweet Talking Your Brain".
What projects are up and coming and when can we check for them?
I have a new group called Glue, that is DJ DQ, Maker, and myself. The album is done and I think people are going to be very, very surprised. I really like it. We are currently shopping that now. Also Shalem and I have our album almost completed and we are trying to go big with that. Two new albums will hopefully give people plenty to listen to; for a while at least. I'm trying to have both of them well circulated by the fall this year [2002].
Your latest release "Sweet Talking Your Brain" had a lot of religious sounding lyrics. What religious beliefs do you hold?
What do you define as religious sounding lyrics? I believe lots of things, but most importantly that Jesus died for my sins.
How does this influence your music?
My music is a direct link to who I am. So anything that happens to me in my life, influences my music. So I don't think my belief in god has more effect than anything else.
Who's your biggest influence as an emcee? Who is your favorite emcee, or at least give us your top five favorite emcee's currently and of all time.
Maynard James Keenen, Van Morrison, the Beatles, Latryx, and Radiohead.
What was touring with Josh Martinez like? How much did you enjoy seeing your mentor Luke Geraty in MN?
Josh Martinez is the best. He is a great person and an amazing entertainer, and he is one of my favorites. I lucked out to be on the road with him. Who is Luke Geraty?
He He He. I hate you. What exactly are you doing with Syntax Records and how did this come about?
They are re releasing my album "Sweet Talking Your Brain". They are good people and wanted to extend their reach a bit and so did I, so we collaborated. I met them last year and I recorded the song "Fade Away" at their studio when I was in San Diego. We've been peeps ever since. So we'll see what happens. It gets released soon.
How do you feel about the In And Out burger spot located in California?
They had dope fries.
Who's your favorite producer?
I don't have one. Moodswing 9, Shalem, Maker, Alias, DJ Shadow, Jel, old Large Professor. There are too many to name.
Give us a break down of your day: when do you wake up, what do you eat, what do you do, when do you go to bed, etc?
I wake up whenever I can't sleep anymore. I eat lucky charms, I call promoters, I answer emails, I drink water, I go to Shalem's, go to the post office, work on our set, eat dinner, read a book, go to sleep at some late hour.
Two more questions: this one might be rather controversial, but do you feel there is any beef between you and Sage Francis? What exactly happened during the last Scribble Jam that created such uproar?
There is no beef between myself and Sage Francis. I've known him for a while and it was funny that we battled each other. People made a bigger deal out of it than it really was. Uproar is a funny word.
How do you feel about Mac Lethal's music? Or at least of what you've heard and also his battle skills?
I haven't heard any of Mac Lethal's music but seeing him battle makes me laugh. He's a funny guy. He can rip on people pretty well.
You have twenty-five words to express your feelings towards ice cream: go for it.
Ice cream is my ish. Mad flava. Look at that: I killed it in seven words.
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