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"One two, one two, my name is Count Bass-D and we get down like this."
Please start with a small introduction of yourself, for the heads that slept `til now.
My name is Dwight and I've been making music for money since I was 19.
Who were the artists that were important for your musical evolution?
So many… Everyone that's good.
Is there a meaning behind the name Count Bass-D?
Not really; it's a dumb name. My real name is Dwight Farrell
"Dwight Spitz": A masterpiece according to my brown eyes and silver ears. Your music never was bound for hip hop only. A wide spectrum of influences is bundled to the great Count-Sound.

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Did you encounter problems to get your stuff out, as many of dem fuckin` cash-flow-horny-buisness-label-men want to squeeze the music and the artist to a certain genre or brand?.....
I used to let my bank account determine how good of a musician I was. I've since found out I was wrong.
Hahaha. How did you get that major deal goin` back in the days (plus how did it come to the end with that deal) and what have you learned from that experience?
It started with about 4 degrees of separation from Pete Nice. Then it just ended. They stopped calling and writing and I could tell it was over.
When did you hook up with Daybyday?
About two years ago, D.J. Fisher asked me if he could represent me in some aspects of the business. We started to talk and we got real cool. After awhile I decided to put my latest project out with DayByDay which was "Dwight Spitz".
Could you describe the mental and creative process that led to "Dwight Spitz"?
I live life and what ever comes out is the creative process.
Why did you choose to concentrate on essential beat-creating with a Akai S-3000 and MPC-2000 for "Dwight Spitz" instead of using live instrumentation as on much of your previous work?
I didn't have the money to record traditional instruments correctly.
These days "Seven Years" is one of my favourites from the album: great rhyming, great production and that hook with Dionne Farris is off the hook (!) . For the peeps who don`t know, who is that lady?
She's a great artist. Like every other great artist she's just trying to leave some proof.
The artwork for "Dwight Spitz" is pretty extraordinary. Could you drop a line about that design?
I found an old textbook at our public school auction and thought the illustration really fit my evolution.
Your homepage is fully loaded. There`s a lot of content on it. What was your intention behind doin` that internet log that outlines some of your daily life?
I'm an extravert.
Is it important for you to perform live shows? Will you come to Europe in foreseeable time?
I'd love to, but I doubt any promoter is going to bring my whole family out. That's the only way I'm going back to Europe.
Who would that family be? Have you performed in Europe already?
My family consists of five people including myself. I have performed in Europe, but it was in the mid 90's in France. I've played a lot of spots in Europe, but as Dwight Farrell, and not Count Bass D.
You handle production, play instruments and bless the mic. Do you have a main focus or is it the teamwork of the instrumental and poetical factors that fascinates you?
It used to be; now it's just the music. That's the reason more instrumentals are creeping up on my recorded work.
What kind of instruments are touched by your hands?
Right now none, I've sold most of them.
You are producing beats for the likes of MF Grimm, 7L & Esoteric etc. Is there an artist you`ve never worked with that you`d like to hand over a beat?
Anyone who is cool and has an appreciation for what I do.
What`s the story behind your collaboration with Victor Wooten? I remember I once had a tape of him, where the bass was the only instrument on that album and expression-wise it sounded like a whole orchestra.....
I think he still lives in Nashville, and somehow he heard of me and asked me to rhyme on a song of his…magnificent musician.
Politix in music: Still important or out-dated?
Honesty in music is 'important'. Fronting is 'out-dated'
Some of your favourite flicks and books......
I like common movies. Books? "Beneath the Underdog" by Charles Mingus and "Tonight At Noon" by Sue Mingus.
Could you drop some lines `bout your forthcoming album?
It's called "Beg, Borrow, Steal" and I'm always getting better.
Blistering shots in the dark a/k/a some word association for Count.
Burt Bacharach.
He's well respected, but I haven't heard much of his work.
Bush and war.
I hope not, but GOD is in control.
MF Grimm.
MF Doom.
The state of your art.
Open mic. shouts and company.
Check And thank you for taking the time to read my words.
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