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interview - dj fisher

There are a couple of interviews that have been lost in the process for some odd or stupid reason. But as they often still contain information that's relevant today, we fought the dust demonds, and digged them out.

What's up Dose! So where are you from?

Born in Idaho, grew up in Jersey, high school in Philly, college in Cincinnati and now I'm dream catching out in California.

Who were some of you influences in Hip Hop?

You name it, I even liked Rumpletilzskinz. EPMD, Gang Starr, 3rd Bass, KMD, De La, Fellowship, and of coarse all the people who I have met and recorded with on the underground: 5 Deez, J. Rawls, Anticon, Rhyme Sayers, Aesop Rock...

How long have you been rhyming for?

7 years, but with goals only about 4. It took a lot of work to go from cipher rat to demo tape to LP.

What are some of the albums you released so far?

"Hemispheres"...my first EP, "Slow Death", "Thepermanentcry", spoken wordy...Greenthink (why? and I) "Its Not Easy Being" and "Blindfold", THEM (Jel and I), Presage "The Outer Perimeter" (Mr.Dibbs, Jel, me) and the rest is yet to be released.

So how did you hook up with Sole and Anticon?

We hooked up through Moxy, he heard my music I heard his and we inspired each other from day one. Anticon has evolved since we all met.

Do you have any new material coming out?

"Circle" with Boom Bip is coming out on MUSH and Object Beings 45' is coming out on Rocketship (why?, The Pedestrian, me), Deep Puddle Dynamics. Stuffed Animals (with Circus, Sole, Why?, The Pedestrian).

So your part of a lot of groups?

Yes many: Deep Puddle Dynamics, Greenthink, Stuffed Animals, THEM, Presage, Object Beings, and cLOUDDEAD.

Who are some producers you're working with?

Jel, J.Rawls, Fat Jon, Controller 7, Moodswing9, Daddy Kev, Alias, ANT, Scott Heren, Emind, Oddnosdam and many more.

You work with Mush Records right? What is your position their?

An A&R type of thing. I helped get all the artists together and sculpt a vision.

Are you doing any touring this year?

Yeah as much as we can but nothing terribly organized. We just rock em as we book em. That's one of our next dragons to hump is the whole booking agent deal but it seems like a few people in many places are asking for a visit.

Is there any web sites where heads can peep your music or for more info on yourself?

The infamous anticon.com, Atak, Foolblown, Sandbox Automatic, Hip Hop Infinity, Hiphopsite.

So who are you feeling in Hip Hop?

All of my friends of coarse. I really liked this Quasimoto full length, all the Celestial Projects wet my whistle. All of the artists on Mush are some of my favorites as well. And I've just met Old Dominion in Seattle and Insult To Injury who are dope, Acid Rain out of LA I believe. Who else... hmmmm... Quannum.... the guys who are still working overtime get all my love.

What would you do for a 9 to 5 if you weren't an artist?

Stunt man, wild cat trainer, dead body look alike. I have no clue, fate and I can only do music together.

Aight, any final comments or shout outs?

Shouts to you and yours for the interview your working with some of my idols. And to the people out there with hearts and heads be safe and check us out if you ever need a soundtrack for you walk of life. Love...Adam...Dose...

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