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MF Grimm teaches the babies.
MF Grimm's poetry will inspire generations.
MF Grimm is heavily slept on.
Percy Carey, how are you?
I'm doing good. Just waiting to get home. [ed's note: Grimm got finally home between the completion of this interview and the moment you are reading this.]
Is it hard for you to maintain? What are your tactics in the jungle?
It's easy. I read and keep to myself; play chess, basketball. Stuff like that.
What will be the first things you do when you are a free man again?
Make money! Business as usual. But I found my freedom in here. I'm not free out there. No one is.
How has your view on life in general changed since the last 15 years?
I didn't know any better. I thought my friends would live forever on the planet. I thought we could not die. I was wrong.
Imagine: If your alter ego of 15 years would stand near you, what would you tell him, which mistakes should he avoid to live life 'right'? What should he do the same way?
Stay in school, get an education. That's it!
If you take a minute to think about the last years in prison, what positive thoughts are emerging?
It just made me stronger. I met powerful people in here and it made me more powerful in return.
You've just been moved for another time. Is it difficult for you each time you're entering a new prison? What are the first things you're doin` when you arrive?
Yeah, you start to get feelings for the brothers around you, then they move you. Some people I'll never see again. They have life: some 75 years to life, 25 to life, etc. When I get to a new prison, I check out where I'm at, watch our for any enemies when I go to a new spot and just get adjusted to the new people.

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I once read, that you help fellas behind bars, that you're organizing things and are a contact person between the guards and the inmates. What are you exactly doin'?
I was in charge of helping the prisoners get certain rights and items to improve our living. But they moved me to a new facility.
Don't know if you have seen the movie "Slam" with Saul Williams. He fights violence behind bars with words, with poems, with hip-hop. Do you think words can make a difference in jail?
No, I didn't see the movie. But yes, words are powerful. They can heal or destroy.
Are you reading behind bars? What was the last book you've read?
The dictionary. That's a good book.
Can you identify any probable injustice done to you during the process which ended for you in jail?
I had a lot of fights and I get locked up a lot in here. I fight with inmates and officers but mostly officers. Officers don't care: they jump you, beat your ass and lock you up. I stay locked up, but they can't break me.
Nowadays a whole lot MCs aren't taking their spiritual growing to their lyrics. They're stuck in that boomboomglitterfakeshizz, they aren't evolving their talent and responsibility to the fullest. What are your thoughts on that topic? What effect could this have on the youth? As hip-hop is the language of our sons and daughters.
A negative effect. It's not worth it. They, the children, need to focus on education.
After the murder of Jam Master Jay: Where will all this violence end up?
On the first page of the newspaper everyday. Hip Hop is dead. They / He killed Jam Master Jay!! The Shit we do now looks like Hip Hop, but it's not. It died with Jay. He didn't deserve no shit like that.
A little flashback: How and in which form did you experience hip-hop as a teenager? How was hip-hop in Manhattan back in the days?
I'm doing the same thing today I was doing then. I'm an emcee. I grew up around the Rock Steady Crew. You had to do something. Frosty Freeze helped me a lot. I need to give him more props in interviews, Bip up Frost!
Who were your influences?
Frosty Freeze, King Sun, Bamabaata, Kool G. Rap, Large Professor.
Please name some artists you respect.
Right now I'm only focused on Daybyday artists like Prophetix, LightHeaded, Cadence. We have an artist named Bushe. He lives on the island of Jamaica. When his material hits the United States, it's over! I love Sean Paul, but I out Bushe in the class with Bounty Killer. Bushe is going to the next level and I'm glad he's taking us with him.
I respect Rayna Shine. She's an artist that I will be working with on my next album. She's a producer and for some reason female producers don't get props in the industry. But she's an emcee as well. That's how I found out about her. Right now she's working on her own ventures which I respect and back 100%. She just put out a single featuring Poison Pen on her own signature label called Rainmakerz. I expect us to do a joint venture in the sometime near future with Daybyday. She's an intelligent business woman.
Are you still writing lines in prison?
Could you hit us up with 1 or 2 lines you`ve recently written?
Sorry!! I can't. They might end up on Nas' next album.
What is important for you when you write a rhyme?
Nothing! I can write anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Music, no music. Don't matter.
I picked some lyrics I love. Could you comment them: "Lord why do you love me, I don`t even love me"
The creator never give up on me; even when I do. Every time I quit The Creator makes me continue. It's hard to really explain.
Are you a religious man?
No comment.
Another quote: "Fatal attraction actions alter my mind state / meet your fate cause up goes the death rate"
That's at the end of "Life or Death". That was Death telling me that she loves me to death and I can't leave her or she'll kill me. Funny huh?
"Her name is Life, loyal, would never do me wrong / With the best move she was a beautiful song / A schoolgirl, mastered biology"
Just that good young lady growing up most young kids don't pay attention to in school. Smart, not into being 'fast', acts her age and if you look at her ,she is so beautiful. The kind of girl that when you are a grown man you say `damn look at her now. I should've married her when I had the chance.'
For me "The downfall of Ibliys" represents a wide spectrum of human life - love, melancholy, aggression..... I love to listen to it after a hard day. It can help to process the experiences of the day. Is it important for you to honestly portray your life in your lyrics?
Yes. Some more famous artists seem to prefer to discuss 'the lives of others' as their own when only one percent of that is really true. They get an image like they lived it. That shit is crazy: they sell millions and millions of records. By the time their supporters find out that they're full of shit, it's too late. They have all the money in the world, moved out the hood and give nothing back to the hood. Meanwhile your kids are trying to be like them: selling drugs, shooting guns, getting killed or put in jail forever, trying to 'keep it real', give girls - young girls - ecstasy and shit. Now all I hear is how many times 50 Cent got shot. In a Rolling Stone Interview Eminem said some real stupid shit about "Kids like it when people get shot and that's why they love 50 Cent". Not in those exact words, but basically. Now here go the two biggest stars we have in the game and they make getting shot look like it's fun. Or that to be a good emcee you have to 'get shot'. Like A&R's are going to turn your demo down because you didn't get shot. Like "What? You only been shot two times? No I`m sorry, only R&B singers are accepted with two gunshot wounds. Come back when someone bust at least three more caps in your ass". Well, if that's the case I've been shot ten times with larger caliber bullets than 50 Cent. Also at a closer range than 50 Cent. So can I get 2 million dollars? Don't get me wrong: he has skills and will probably sell 10 million records easy but that 'showing his bullet proof vest for pictures' is clown shit. That's to promote to young people, cause adults in the street game don't show their vest unless they got on a bulletproof helmet with a visor. I hope he'll grow out of it. I like him. I want to see him battle Nas. I think that would be an excellent battle. Don't you? Well the people want to see it. So give the people what they want!
What was the best day in your life?
So far, my birth.
Could you drop some lines bout D.J. Fisher and DaybyDay Entertainment? Where have you met?
Let's get this straight: Nobody finds D.J. Fisher; he finds you!! I've know D.J. for some years now. When Daybyday was just a dream, he single handedly turned it into reality. D.J. is the best. Period!! He's like my brother. My mother calls him her son; she loves him. He's a good honest business man.
What are your goals with Daybyday as soon as you're on the outside?
Expanding Daybyday into the model industry and film industry. And work directly with actors and actresses as an personal agency. Also handle corporate accounts in the travel industry accommodating artists and companies independent and major. If interested in any of the fields mentioned, please contact Mr. Fisher at We can help you!
What are your plans for the future?
I'm gonna work on my next album.
What can we expect from "Scars And Memories" album that will be released soon?
I don't know. It's old stuff and totally different from "The Downfall Of Ibliys". Actually it's the prequel to it.
Some word associations in the end: Life.
The women I love.
Prison System.
What is your message for the future babies of the world?
Be yourself. Don't follow bad people!! Love your fellow human beings.
Place for shout outs and co.....
Shout outs to Large Professor, Doctor Butcher, Kool G Rap. To all music artists trying to get in this business. Don't stop. Don't let anyone tell you that you're not good enough.
Percy Carey, thank you for taking the time. My thoughts are with you.
additional thanks to Brolin Winning, D.J. Fisher and tadah for making it happen.
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