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interview - dj fisher

There are a couple of interviews that have been lost in the process for some odd or stupid reason. But as they often still contain information that's relevant today, we fought the dust demonds, and digged them out.

Whats up! So who are all the members of the group?

Big Bad Beautiful Baruti: Es gibt fünf von uns [There are five of us]. There used to be more, but now only five remain. The big boys. The real boys. The rappy boys. The party boys. We were a big conglomerate for a while, with like 12 of us doing shit in the group, trying to do this whole Westcoast Wu-Tang with glasses and pocket protectors type shit, but fools in the group were forgetting what true independent rap songs are made of and were hella bugging, yo. So, basically - mic.edu = Eriksolo, A-Twice, Big Bad Beautiful Baruti, Quarterbar, and DJ Lion. But yeah, there used to be other members in the group too - but they left to start a pop-punk band called SleepyTime SuperStars. They're on some stupid Orange County tattooed and bleached type shit. Yeccch. They're really fucking awful and we don't talk to them anymore.

How did y'all hook up to form mic.edu?

DJ Lion: We met in college, yo. We were all in the Filipino fraternity, even though I'm the only Filipino in the group, yo. It was real weird, yo. But I'm glad it happened, yo.

Where is everybody from?

DJ Lion: A-Twice is from Tokyo, which is a small city in a tiny farming country called Japan, yo. The rest of us have been Westside Riders USA since the mid-to-late 1970s, yo.

Who are some of your Hip Hop influences?

DJ Lion: You know - like, all that old stuff!

So what are some of the releases from mic.edu?

Eriksolo: Well, we have several bullshit demos that you can hardly stand listening to due to god-awful sound quality. I think there are also a few expired .wav files up somewhere, which you can access only if you have an extremely high-speed modem and can figure out how to view a cached version of a freespace website. We also have songs on a bunch of poorly-distributed compilations - "ICU 3," "ICU 4," "Blastoff," "Blastoff 2," "Underground Rap Is for Herbs," "Tried and True Attention Getting Strategies" and the newly-released Japanese import "Catacombs" - and a split tape with Substance Abuse called "Brand New Crime." It was reviewed in a number of well-respected hip-hop publications. That number you ask? Zero. But, on the real - I never heard anyone say they didn't like our tape. And we sold a few thousand of them shits - so there!

Are y'all working on an album?

Eriksolo: We're always doing new music, for sure. Right now, we have a few tracks that are done and waiting in the wings for some unnamed future project. We do have a couple tracks that are coming out on compilations - so be on the lookout for those. We have a track called "My Presence" coming out on the "Telemind Global" compilation being put out by World Wide Hip Hop Ish, and a track called "Space" coming out on a compilation being put together by our pals the Hip-Hop Congress. Basically, we're just staying in the lucrative field of contributing tracks for underground hip-hop compilations. There's hella money in it, yo.

Who is handlin production and are there any guests appearances?

Quarterbar: Me. Quarterbar. I use the MPC 2000. No real guest appearances. One song, "Selected Poetry", was done by this dude named ACV from San Diego. It's probably my least favorite of our songs.

When can we expect a single or the album to be released?

Eriksolo: Please, please, please bug our label guy about that. He's been sitting on these dope-ass mic.edu tracks for like a year, swearing up and down that a single is on the way. I'm tellin' you dude, these fucking tracks are classics. Everyone should email Miguel at Stinky Ninja Records and ask him to get on the ball and release our single. His email is stinkyninja@yahoo.com - thanks, yo.

So y'all have your own label right?

A-Twice: Fools been trying to label us for years, but we can't be labeled. This one magazine - this total toy-ass wack underground crap magazine labeled us "thermodynamic poetry readers for Pokemon fans." Now, I ask you, what the fuck is that supposed to mean? I'm hella tired of this played-out pseudo esoteric abstract garbage. But you probably mean label as in record label. My bad. There used to be Rocketship Records, but now it got miniaturized, done been metamorphasized and is now signified as Weapon-Shaped, run by Erik. My plans for a label is currently in the works as well. However, label or no label we would all do the same exact shit anyways; pool resources and put stuff out.

Is there any other releases coming from the label?

A-Twice: Check for Meanest Man Contest by my niggas (ha ha they hate it when I call them that) Quarterbar and Eriksolo. Let's see, Weapon-Shaped did the Circus 7" from a few months back. That shit's already up on Amazon.com auctions. Hella rare and exclusive, yo. Also, some upcoming sheeyat from Object Beings, which is a group made up of Pedestrian, Why, and Dose One. Oh yeah, and our homies Substance Abuse are getting the Weapon-Shaped treatment too - like, in September. Be on the lookout for them - they're so fresh they're almost French. Plus, I'm working on gathering rap music with boring beats and pretentious big-word poetry for a compilation called "Underground Fiona Apple Nude Pictures" which will be out sometime around Tu B'shevat. If you're interested in submitting your stupid music, please email my A&R dude - Jamie Flam at jamie@localmusic.com.

Is there a website to check out?

Eriksolo: Weapon-Shaped's site, weapon-shaped.com, should be up soon.
A-Twice: Oh yeah, and speaking of the internet web, somebody please give me a link to a site that features Vixin from Onomeatopia [send here, we'll forward], please, please, please!

Do y'all have any shows or tour planned?

Quarterbar: No. None at all. We don't even like the group name anymore and we all live in different places right now. I don't know if mic.edu will ever do anything again. I feel like musically, all of us are headed in directions that don't fully coincide with what mic.edu is. Whether what's next will be all the same guys remains to be seen. I think we all want to continue in some capacity. Erik and I are doing the Meanest Man Contest thing that may feature some of the other fellas.

So who are y'all feeling in Hip Hop right now?

Baruti: I think Circus is a genius. I also like Aceyalone - and all of the Fellowship actually, and Latyrx.
A-Twice: I'm way into the new Shingo shit.
Eriksolo: I like the finally-released KMD album, even though I already had most of the tracks bootlegged. It's dope to hear the music cleaned up and on CD.
Quarterbar: I'm feeling the new Pushbutton Objects collection.
DJ Lion: I don't really buy new music. My older brother Johnnie just got back from a thrift store digging tour of the Central Coast and got me this dope Weather Report record, which I've been listening to a lot. It has this one sample, like maybe one and a half seconds long that some early 1990s rap producer used for a beat. I can't remember which producer or which track, but I know I recognize it from somewhere, yo.

Aight, any final comments or shout outs?

A-Twice: We wanna say what's up to all the critics. You just made us that much stronger, fucko.

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