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interview : dj fisher

Please introduce yourself and where are you from?

Sev Statik the Point Man, from Albany NY.

Who were some of your hip hop influences that made you want to pick up the mic and record music?

Definitely Rakim, KRS-1 and Run DMC as well as cats around the way doing it on the block and at parties in the park.

How long have you been rhyming for?

For about 10 years seriously, but about 15 all together. I started young and as I matured I knew I wanted to take it to be more professional and contribute to the art with quality releases.

So what are some of your releases as Sev Statik?

As far as releasing material independently I have a few 'personal' monumental releases that have kept me busy. I released 2 solo EP's, an Illumination EP (partnered w/ my man JB), I've been on 3 pieces of wax, numerous collabs and compilations and have a full length CD out right now under the alias Stu Dent titled "Altered State". Check the CD orders at

Now what's the deal with the Stu Dent album, what made you want to record under an alias?

I've been a Tunnel Rat since '97 and agreed not to release a full length album under Sev Statik until we, as a crew, could release our full length album. We've worked with labels and distribution getting contracts straight and one thing after another just kept putting off a crew album and a solo album. But I never stopped being productive with releases I stayed busy with smaller releases like EP's, doing collabs with some really dope emcees and group projects. So, in 2001 I picked up the alias and just decided to do a full length album. I definitely felt the need to feed hungry listeners out here... plus it gave me a chance to experiment with some ideas and concepts I wouldn't dive into as Sev Statik. No, I'm not skizto at all!

Your also part of a few crews as well, who are they and can we expect any releases from them?

Tunnel Rats and Deepspace5 are my main crews. There's such balance in both crews it's exciting to be a part of both families. Tunnel Rats and Deepspace5 both have full length albums out right now and can be picked up at Sam Goody, Tower and Best Buy or headz can go to I'm also a part of a few smaller groups where we've done some recording and have or will plan releases. If anyone wants to be informed on any of it they can e-mail me.

What is your favorite song that you recorded and why is it?

Man, I think just for the lyrics alone it would have to be "Speak Life" which was on my "Point Man" EP. I took a lot of things I was thinking about at that time and pieced it together. Definitely not too much different than what most emcees do, but I felt at the time I couldn't write anything better than that. The way it came together and the way every thought just flowed perfectly was a beautiful chain reaction. The beat was done by me and my man Soundwave and together we came up with a dope melancholy match for the verses and the hook.

Who are some of the producers and artists you worked with so far?

I've done songs with JB, Soulheir, Braille, Werdz, Storm, EVS, Jurny, Torcha, Mass MC, Raphi, Macho, Sintax, Future Shock, Solseekers, Dez, LoDeck and other emcees literally around the world. I've laced lyrics on beats from Dust, ESP, Dert, JB, June 22, Tack Fu, and Mr. Rictor. I've been blessed to be on these cats' tracks and the fact that all of 'em have really dope personalities makes working with them so easy. I've worked with so many other emcees and producers who are NOT down to earth and hard to work with. Dudes who have never tried to release anything and they think they're the world's best kept secret. I'm still waiting.

If you stopped recording today, would you feel accomplished as an artist?

No. I have a few unfinished projects and within the last 3 years I've committed to a certain amount of projects and collabs and I really feel that I'm just beginning. How strange is that?

What would be a dream collaboration with any producer or mc?

Pete Rock and KRS-1.

So what have you been bumping in hip hop lately?

I've been catching up on some earlier releases like Aesop Rock's first album and some Rhyme Sayers' releases. I got some people's here in Albany in a crew called Fund The Mentals and I mixed their album recently so those joints are getting steady rotation in my 20 ride to work. (The only time I really get to listen to music)

Any advice you can give to an upcoming mc trying to break into the business?

Don't. Release it yourself and learn it from the inside.

Do you have a website for heads to check out more about you or hear some music?

I got some links above for headz to check out , but I don't have a website strictly for me yet. I'll be working on that soon.

What are your goals as an artist for 2002?

I'm trying to collab with other artists that I haven't worked with yet. I'm releasing my first full length album and NOT an EP this year, finally, so I'll be watching how that unfolds with a possible tour.

So what can we expect from you next?

Spring 2002 I have a 12" with production by Joey Beats and Shawn J. Period off of New Realm records. All Bully, my crew here in Albany, is releasing a full length album. Summer 2002 is my "Speak Life" full length album from Uprok Records/EMI. A few compilations are coming out later this year that I'm on and I have a few independent, out the bedroom, releases dropping this year to stay involved with the community.

Thanks for getting down with the interview. Any final comments or shout outs?

A lady in a church stood up and said she wanted to give her personal testimony. She said, convincingly , "I've been covered by the blood of Jesus and Satan doesn't tempt me anymore and I am totally free of bondage"! The pastor called her to the alter "sister, then come on up front" and she ran to the alter up to the pulpit. The pastor then put his hands on her head and asked her "sister, do you know what you need to do now"? She said "preach it pastor, preach it"! He said, in a loud boisterous voice, "sister, you need to get saved"! She looked at him in shock and disbelief. The pastor then said, "anyone who is covered in the blood of Jesus is tested everyday and Satan is not afraid of you. Thinking that Satan doesn't tempt you is like walking next to a sleeping lion. When you least expect it, he snatches you and will try to devour you."
Shouts to Day By Day Ent., Tunnel Rats, Deepspace5 and All Bully. It's easier to die than to live so always represent. Be safe and God bless.

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