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posted: april 18th, 2002 | interview : dj fisher

Please introduce yourself and where your from?

I'm Eso Tre from the group Substance Abuse. LA native who now resides in the Bay.

Who are the members of Substance Abuse?

Myself, Subz, and DJ NO.

So tell us how did Substance Abuse form as a group?

Me and Subz have known each other since we were kids, went to elementary and highschool together and we're always freestyling. I met DJ NO in college and we decided to connect on a track, and I suggested we bring in my friend Subz to drop a verse. Then we just started doing songs together. Substance Abuse was originally supposed to be the title of our underground tape, but

What was your first release as a group?

This underground tape called "Brand New Crime" we did with, which contains members of the group Meanest Man Contest. It was a split EP, we were on the b-side, they were on the a-side. We made like 100 tapes, and it seemed like peeps liked it.

Then you released a single on Ground Control/NuGruv in 2000 right?

That single was "What The Fuck You Rhymin For"; a song that I think some people misunderstood, 'cause they thought it was some song about MCs not selling their souls, when in actuality it was a track that poked fun at all the clichés in hip-hop. If you listen to the lyrics closely, you can see what we're talking about.

Now what's up with the new single "Can't Call It"?

The new single "Cant Call It" is a posse cut that includes our homies Deranged and Mawnstr as well as P.E.A.C.E. from Freestyle Fellowship. The b-side "No Guarantees" was produced by Thes-One of P.U.T.S.

When can we expect that to be out?

Hehe...hopefully in the next few months. The dissolution of our label kinda sidetracked things so we had to re-organize but it will definitely be real soon.

So what can you tell us about the whole situation over at the old label, how did it effect the artists and whatnot?

NuGruv had been in a shaky situation for a while, so what happened wasn't any huge surprise. I know a lot of artists were owed money they didn't get, and others got money that they didn't have to pay back. I can't hate on NuGruv 'cause they gave us our start, but it's just time to move on. I appreciate the fact that they believed in our shit.

So now what are your plans for a new recording home?

Right now we're just going to work on music. Once you have that, the right outlet always appears. We're confident that the appropriate channels will come along in due time. Our next single will be released on our homie Erik Solo's label, Weapon-Shaped.

Is Substance Abuse working on an album now?

Yes, the album is called "Overproof". It's gonna be some hot shit.

Who will be handling production and any guests artists on "Overproof"?

Ah yes...production will mostly be handled by NO. We also have our peoples DJ Medicine and D.O.P. (not the one from Two Kings in a Cipher, hehe), and Thes. Guest mcs include P.E.A.C.E, Rasco, and (drumroll) MF Doom.

When can we expect "Overproof" to hit stores?


So what have you been feeling in hip hop lately?

Saafir's unreleased "Boxcar Session" shit is on hit. Compton's Most Wanted's greatest hit album, MF Doom "Special Herbs", that Spoon Iodine "Anti-Christ" song...the Slumplordz album.

So who were some of your hip hop influences?

KMD, Brand Nubian, Nas, Main Source, Compton's Most Wanted, Ras Kass, Saafir, Lord Finesse, Kool G Rap.

Do you have a website for cats to check out?

Thanks for the interview. Any final comments or shout outs?

Yeah, I want to thank everyone who has stood by us. R.I.P. A-Twice.

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