on a side note: the answering machine
tadah: I was just screamed at by your answering machine.
why?: Oh yeah, we do that to keep out burglars.
tadah: So that's your doorbell as well.
why?:Yes, our doorbell screams as well.
tadah:That's actually a good thing, I should be using the same one. Would you mind?
why?:Oh no, use it, please. Actually you know, we got it from this company that sells alarms, for houses and things.....naw, I'm just kidding: it's me.
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interview - tadah

What is a cLOUDDEAD?

Oh, I don't know, but how we got the name was, that Adam's (Dose-One) little sister told him a knock-knock joke.... I don't even know what she said, but it was something like 'knock knock' - 'who's there' - 'clouddead'.... And we was just like 'clouddead, wow' and so we used that as our name.

How did you hook up with the Big Dada label, that will put out the album?

That happened through our label in the States Mush. And Mush sent out some packages, some really nice packages of cLOUDDEAD to a few labels and said: 'this is open for licensing', and Big Dada said 'aight, we wanna license this'. That's how it happened.

On the little paper that came with the album, it said something like 'theory is, that Odd Nosdam did the beats, and Dose and why? did the lyrics'. So how was the reality?

Well, that's pretty much how it was. That album is pretty much all Nosdam's beats, with a couple of exceptions. But on the next thing, we all are kinda going to be working on the music and the lyrics together and it's going to be more of a unified thing.

So what is like the difference between a Greenthink record and a cLOUDDEAD record apart from Odd being part of the team?

I would say that the cLOUDDEAD stuff is an extension of the Greenthink stuff. Adam and I started to do Greenthink in the old apartment that we used to live in back in Cincinnati. It was very playful and sort of fun, and all that. Then we met Odd and he started to come over, and he did a couple of things on the Greenthink album and eventually it just evolved into cLOUDDEAD.

So what is a 'Greenthink', as the tape lets you suspect that 'it's not easy being a Greenthink'?

The Greenthink name came from one of Adam's business classes, he's a business major. There was the word 'think' on a wall, really huge, and it was in green, hence Greenthink.

You did the artwork on Dose's "Slow Death" record, did you also do the Greenthink tape?

No, the tape one was done by Odd. That's a great one isn't it?

Definitely. I was like wondering if Odd was writing on each tape, or if this is a special kind of printing, as it feels self painted.

Oh no, the originals were photocopied, the others were printed, but you might have one of the originals for all I know.

What does your art packaging mean to you?

They are different and very personal, like cLOUDDEAD 2: the guys on the stage are Nosdam's uncles or something, but it looks like it's the three of us, as there are three guys standing in the front. That relates to the a-side of the 10". A lot on that side is about this show that we did in Cincinnati, where we got like no love at all. There were some guys wearing these No Limit shirts and they were like 'get the fuck off stage', and we had to kinda battle them and all. So that's what that is, that's us on stage all insecure.
The "Jimmy Breeze" one, that's a personal one for me, with the whole thing being about myself. That's actually a photo of my brother, and he's hiding himself, what is kinda symbolic for myself. And that's my dog on the back. So they all have their own personal meanings. These aren't like covers that the label made or anything.

What do names of songs mean to you? Like you didn't name all the songs on the cLOUDDEAD record, like no. 5.

Well, with cLOUDDEAD, we have two sides to a 10", as the tracks originally came out on 6 10"es. So basically each track is a side on a 10". They are named, but I guess we didn't name every little piece of the chunk.
As for cLOUDDEAD 5, that's like Odd's own 10" as he did all of that, and I guess he didn't really wanna name it, so he decided to just call it cLOUDDEAD 5.

You seem to put together several tracks within one, meaning each side seems to be made up off several songs.

That's our whole chunk theory of music making, that we started in the Greenthink days, due to the way we did the tracks. Like we were using a Dr. Sample, and Nosdam still used a Dr. Sample for cLOUDDEAD and with that Dr. Sample you can't sequence anything, and so you have to do it yourself on a four track or an eight track. And you can't have beats too long, because they go off-beat, because the tape slips. And so we ended up just doing these really short beats, and just put a bunch of beats together, to create a chunk. Or a couple of beats, and then have some sort of weird noise thing in between them, to have some way to join them. And that's just sorta the way we developed our style. And we keep doing that at this point, but in a sort of more evolved way.

So that's also why like the Greenthink and the "Slow Death" albums are only split up into two sections on the CD?

I think that was out of laziness.....hahha. I would prefer everything on the Greenthink record to be tracked out, and the "Slow Death" to be tracked out....but I guess we were like '...whatever'.

What kinda boundaries do you give yourself?

We like to stay in a very small box. Not really venture out, we like to.... naw man, we try to not have any boundaries at all. Whatever we think of, we not try to stifle that, we just try to go there.

So how far do you think can you still go to be still considered hip hop?

Oh, hmm......there's the question. Ahhhh......I don't know man.

Do you care really?

I really don't care. I feel like our stuff is hip hop. But that's a personal feeling of mine. If someone doesn't consider it hip hop, I mean, who cares? As a personal thing for the three of us, it evolved from hip hop. If we stray too far, and they don't consider it hip hop anymore,....whatever. It's okay.

On the Mush website, they refer to you as 'avant garde'. How comfortable are you with that?

Ahhh....whatever. I don't care, man, you know. If they wanna call it avant garde, they can. I mean, I guess it's different, and new, so I guess you can call it avant garde. We feel like we are doing something that we've never heard before, or we are putting a bunch of things that we've heard before together, so ...

What kinda influence does 80s pop music have on you?

80s pop music. We all grew up hearing that on the radio all the time, right? And Odd samples a lot from 80s music, just terrible 80s music, and so I guess we are influence. Like we do poppy stuff, that's melodic, and generally it seems to be like that whole horrible 80s pop music.

When do you consider yourself doing something popish?

Sometimes. Even more recently, we are getting more popish, and trying to get our ideas accross, in a way that you wouldn't expect them to come across, singing about a murder in a very pretty way, for example. That whole thing started on the Greenthink record. The last song that we did on the Greenthink record, we were like 'oh, fuck it, let's do a pop song'. Just like as a big joke. It was that for us at first and then we kinda liked it and so with some of the stuff on the cLOUDDEAD, we continued to keep it in the same vein. Like for example the last track on cLOUDDEAD.

Speaking of that last track, there's this part that sounds reversed, then again sounds like spoken backward and then played in reverse, so that it's forward again. What is it?

Yeah, we recorded it forward and then flipped it on a four track, so it's backward. I did one thing on "Jimmy Breeze" where I say something backward, flip it and play it forward. But at the end of "Bike (2)", we actually did the stuff forward and just flipped it backward.

So what does it say then?

You have to find that yourself. You have to flip it in 45 backwards. Naw, you want me to tell you? Well, it's a bunch of choruses from like old Greenthink stuff, earlier cLOUDDEAD stuff that we kinda brought back.

What do you do when you perform live?

It's something like when you go to a funeral and watch the preacher speak, it's very solemn, we try to keep it..... naw man, I don't know, we just joke around, we're funny, some stuff we do acapella, some stuff we do with beats. We are still developing our live stuff though. I mean it all started out as sort of bedroom recordings, so, I don't know. We are pretty up front, so we'll get loud.

You seem to be getting drawn into the Anticon hemisphere, with you being on the Giga Single.

I'm definitely within the Anticon 'crew'. And I will absolutely be doing more with them. Like the split EP with Odd, what is a project that we did a couple of years ago.

Adam once told me that he plans to get a book of his poetry out, so is there any plans for like a cLOUDDEAD book?

Me personally, I have a tape that I will be putting out, at some point, with just a bunch of poems, with no music or anything, just poetry, and just weirdness. Basically, I have a bunch of Dictaphone tapes that I use when I walk around the streets, and have some interesting stuff in mind. So I'ma edit it all and put that out. But not on a grand scale, I'ma keep it low profile.
And Adam and I have a book coming out, with The Pedestrian, Circus and a couple of other guys. It's going to be a book of our poetry, and that's going to come out at some point, but I dunno when, but it's pretty much done or getting there.

So would you rather be considered a good poet or a good emcee?

I don't know about the whole emcee thing, I just use my poetry, or I use whatever I use to get my poetry across. I mean, I sing, I shriek, I scream, I rap. It doesn't matter, you know what I mean?

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