february 19th, 2003
Short cuts:
· Third Earth: new releases
· "Undercover Brother: premiering February 28th
· A Tribe Called Quest: reunion?
· Emanon: new EP out
· Oddatee: working on new album
· Pepsi: Boycott because they diss hip hop
· J.Rawls: new album
· Saul Williams: anti war song.
· Sound Ink: 2003 releases
· Boot Camp Clik: new albums
· Ready Rock C: Know your history
· Daim/Seak: US-Tour 2003
· 54: Former Klank members return with new project
· MF Grimm: new address
· Subotage: march tour dates
· Argentine rocks the spot
· D&C: New music from D&C affiliates
· Greece rocks the spot.
· Brakmart: new mix CD
· Wailers: An Original Showcase
· "Straight Outta Hunters Point": screenings
· Hitman: R.I.P.
· Hip Hop Film Fest: to hit Red Vic March 13- 15
· Urban Vibe: the ferry leaves at nine

· "The Answer": to be a movie in 2004
· Tame One: debut solo album out in March
· Spytech and Ill Boogie: join forces and celebrate
· Endemik: News
· The Source: statement on the March 2003 issue.
· DJ Vlad: new party CD
· Messer Chups: More
· Young Krime: album about to drop
· DJ Hard Hittin Harry: invites you to The Takeover
· Philly Hip Hop: two more records to check out
· MG Marketing & Media: offers their services for the WMC
· the1shanti: an update
In Third Earth news.
Third Earth gears up for a lot of releases this year. The Pumpkinhead EP "Beautiful Mind" should be in stores (read the review here, and the interview here). The Juggaknots album "Clear Blue Skies re:release" will be in stores February 25th. It features twenty tracks (so eleven more ditties than were on the Fondle 'Em vinyl). Jean Grae's next single will be "No Doubt" with the unreleased b-side track "Destiny". "The Shopkeeper's Wife" EP by Oddjobs will be in stores April 8th and the instrumental / 'broken jazz' album "Walls Don't Exist" by Science Fiction" on May 20th. The single is called "Sunshine" and will be available May 6th. Further, Black Panther's album is just about done. It'll be called "The Darkest Night ever" and will feature the single "Suicide" with Pumpkinhead and "Expand 2" with C-Rayz Walz, as well as guest appearances by Jean Grae, Poison Pen, Celph Titled, Oktober, Sub-Concious, Stic from dead prez, Kimani Rogers, Diabolic, Murs, Lifelong, Loer Velocity, Mazzi, Mr Khaliyl. Look for it in stores in June.
Third Earth also plans to introduce the "Tried By 12" single series this year. Look for releases from Kice Of Course, Icon the mic King, and others coming soon.
Still in studio are Sub-Conscious and DJ Eli. They've recorded a song with Breeze Bruin "Berzerkowitz". And Kimani and Mr. Len have been hanging in the studio doing something as Roosevelt Franklin. There should be an album out this summer.
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"Undercover Brother" premiering February 28th

He's back and... he's bad. Undercover Brother premieres on Pay-Per-View and On Demand February 28th! Starring Eddie Griffin, Chris Kattan, Dave Chappelle and Denise Richards, Undercover Brother is a live-action comedy based on the popular website cartoon. "...a spoof comedy that, for once, has an actual point of view," says Mark Caro of the Chicago Tribune. Undercover Brother is recruited to infiltrate an evil movement run by The Man and his evildoers, Mr. Feather and Penelope Snow aka White She Devil. Check it all out on Pay-Per-View and On Demand starting February 28th!

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A Tribe Called Quest reunion?
That's the word.
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Emanon news
There's a new EP available on Ipo Wax. All songs are written, produced and performed by Aloe Blacc, order online form Ipowax.com & Emanonhiphop.com. Early March Aloe will be in Los Angeles and New York recording tracks for his new major label album release "The Get Blacc LP". Also be on the look out for Aloe Blacc / Emanon, on The Underground Professional Tour late 2003 featuring LMNO and other headz putting in work on The UG. In Los Angeles he works with Thayod Ausar the producer for Xzibit, Tha Liks, Plant Asia, Tony Tha Skitzo, The Firm, King Tee, Phil Tha Agony, Rass Kass & Saafir The Golden State Project. In New York with Producer's Coalition of America the producers for Heather B, Mobb Deep, AZ, Nas, Rakim, Petey Pablo, Camron & Busta Rhymes.
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Oddatee is working
Look out for an Oddateee release later this year on Gern Blandsten. It will be good.
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Boycott Pepsi, because they diss hip hop and Lucacris?
There's a serious dispute between Bill O'Reilly and the Hip-Hop Action Summit Network and Russell Simmons going on, who have called for a boycott of Pepsi and other Pepsico products. The beef is that due to the pressure of Bill, Pepsi droped Ludacris as a advertisment person. His lyrical content and image have been cited for reasons why. At the same time however, The Osbournes do a Superbowl commercial. We all know that Ozzy is not a virgin when it comes to foul language and drugs (we still love the old geezer though). What then points to some serious double standards.
Now, the interesting bit is, that Hip-Hop Action Summit Network has tried to get a statement from Pepsi that they declined to give. So amongst the demands of the Hip-Hop Action Summit Network is that Pepsi issues a public apology to Ludacris and the hip hop community.
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new J.Rawls album
J.Rawls of Lone Catalyst fame's first instrumental project will be released on Female Fun Music soon. The album's called "Histories Greates Battles, Campaigns & Topics". And it is sure to surprise many.
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Saul Williams' anti war song.
Ninja Tune offers a track by Saul Williams to download. Go to www.ninjatune.net/downloads to get the tune, either like that or in a DJ Goo or DJ Spooky remix. Or wait until March 24th, when the track will be available on a record and in stores.
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Sound Ink 2003 releases
This year, we will be putting out solo projects from the following SIK artists: Mutamassik, Vik Vaughn (aka MF Doom), Little Plastic, Markus Wormstorm, badBot., King Honey, M Sayyid, Heat Sensor, Chief Kamachi, Mental, Max Bill, y mas. Check sound-ink.com for more information.
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Boot Camp Clik new releases.

The Boot Camp Clik has a couple of new releases out now: "Collect Dis", "The Chosen Few", "Search And Recover" and "The Throwbacks Part 1". Check duckdown.com and bucktownusa.com for more information.

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You better know Ready Rock C

The group was called DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. It however could have been: DJ Jazzy Jeff, Ready Rock C and Fresh Prince. For all that know or would like to know, check readyrockc.com to at the third member of that duo is up to.

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Daim/Seak US-Tour 2003

New York, LA, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland ... from now on for seven weeks the German graffiti artists "DAIM", (Mirko Reisser, 31, Hamburg) and "SEAK", (Claus Winkler, 28, Cologne) will work their way across urban America. Their adventures will be offered for your enjoyment on livetravel.net including exhibitions, live jams and various wall painting events.) The Tour gets kindly supportet by Eastpak and Molotow.de. Check the site and seakone.com for more information.

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"The Answer" to be a movie in 2004
Universal-based Working Title Films has purchased "The Answer" from first time writers Kevin J. Walsh and Todd Pollack. The story charts the progress of three contestants who enter a unique holiday lottery in New York City hoping to win $80million. The allure of wealth results in corruption, deception as well as a realization that money isn't everything.
Mark Huffam (Johnny English, The Hours, Captain Corelli's Mandolin) brought the project to Working Title and will produce along with Working Title's Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan. The intention is to shoot in 2004.

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Tame One's debut solo album out in March

The first Tame One solo album will drop March 25 on Eastern Conference Records and is called "When Rappers Attack". Beats will be done by Mighty Mi, J-Zone, Camu Tao, RJD2, Johnny Dangerous and DJ Porno. The album includes "Homage To The Bomberz", where Tame reps it for the graffiti writer, a tribute to Slick Rick "Moment I Feared", and "Leak Smoke" features Cage. Check www.tame-one.com and www.ecrecs.com for more information.

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Spytech and Ill Boogie join forces and celebrate

The Spy Tech fellers give us something to celebrate. As they write themselves:
A FREE F*CKING PARTY!! - and it's ALL AGES! You read it right, to celebrate the union of Spy Tech Records and ill Boogie Records, we are throwing a free all ages party at the Knitting Factory on Thursday, February 27th. With performances by Styles of Beyond, Lexicon, and 4Zone, surprise special guests, drink specials, no cover charge, and the fun atmosphere and amazing fans you have come to expect at our shows --- it's sure to be a night to remember. Need another reason to come out? That 30 dollar show at the HOB's still sounding appealing? Free giveaways people, including the Spy Tech 2003 sampler cd mixed by Power 106's the Holla Boys, containing sneak peaks at all of this years upcoming releases. So run and tell a friend…and we'll see you on the 27th. For more information check lexiconmusic.com | spytechrecords.com | illboogie.com | knittingfactory.com

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In Endemik News

Bleubird from Fort Lauderdale Florida is hard at work on his debut album. The artwork is complete and will be displayed soon on the site endemikmusic.com. Thesis and Tonto from the Home Wreckers crew worked together to come up with a beautifully strange image. Bleubird can rap real well, he can talk, he can make everyone laugh and he can do flips and hurt his mic-holding elbow and still rap. When he comes to your area, be sure to go see him. If you would like him to come play a show, email scott@endemikmusic.com and it can probably happen. You can check his songs on the website. Look for this album early Spring.
You can also check the jungle producing mastermind, that we know as Dexter Doolittle on the site.
There are also clips from Stigg's 10". In case you haven't heard them yet, check them out. The EP is really good (read the review here).

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The Source statement on the March 2003 issue
The hip hop world is not like it used to be, according to the surprisingly political Source issue. Check the Source statement for the March 2003 issue:

On newsstands now, the hard-hitting March issue of The Source features exclusive coverage of the attacks currently being waged against hip-hop, while calling to action the industry’s leaders in a battle against the racial profiling, media stereotyping and corporate theft of the most influential cultural movement in the world.
“Hip-hop has the power to change the world because it is a culture that works to destroy stereotypes, promote racial unity and empower the most powerless and underrepresented segments of our society,” stated David Mays, founder and CEO of The Source. “But hip-hop’s incredible commercial success has blinded many of us in hip-hop—The Source magazine included. This new issue is a wake-up call to ourselves and to the entire hip-hop community, in order to bring focus to the growing factors that, combined, threaten the soul of this extraordinary cultural movement.”
Recent reports of alleged criminal and tax investigations into several of hip-hop’s most respected businessmen and community leaders have alarmed the industry and raised severe concerns that these developments are not coincidental. Has the racially-biased targeting of hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs become a defined agenda for law enforcement agencies? Rumors about the existence of a hip-hop task force – a special unit of the New York City Police Department created to monitor the major players in the industry, often operating in conjunction with the FBI – have been floating since last year. While the NYPD denies the presence of such a team, a whistleblower within the force shares the scary truth in “Stranger Among Us” (page 130).
Speaking on condition of anonymity, an NYPD officer reveals the blatant civil rights violations taking place against young, Black hip-hop artists and entrepreneurs. “The rap music industry [has been] labeled public enemy number 1… This police unit is racing to update their files with pictures of each rap artist, associates, and, if any, gang affiliation, personal information, cars that they drive, plate numbers.” He continues, “They are watching every hip-hop act or association that comes to New York City… and a team of investigators are dispatched with their latest surveillance technology to film all of the players.”
Commenting further on page 140 of this month’s issue, James Prince, CEO of hip-hop’s oldest remaining Black-owned label, Rap-A-Lot Records, says, “I’ve been talking about this movement to destroy young Black entrepreneurs since the days of the Geto Boys. These people do dirty things to tap into your system. Racial profiling is a deep sickness that still lives in America.”
The March issue also exposes the damaging practice of playing to racial fears and promoting stereotypes taking place in the mainstream media. "For someone who’s never been around our culture, all they know is what they see,” said Roc-A-Fella CEO Damon Dash. “On MTV, every time I say something smart it gets edited out. They always ask me about cars and I’m like, ‘I did that already. I invest in art.’ But that never gets aired.”
While the recent Trent Lott controversy showed how this practice is used in the political realm, when it comes to the media world, no one personality stands out more than Bill O’Reilly. In “5 Reasons Bill O’Reilly Could Never Come to the ‘Hood” (page 132), The Source exposes the true nature of this right wing author and talkshow host who in recent months has forced Pepsi into ending its relationship with Ludacris, drove the Muppets to edit Snoop Dogg out of their holiday special, and lambasted Jay-Z’s “principal-for-a-day” high school tour.
As chronicled in “The Power in Numbers” (page 134), several distinguished members of the hip-hop nation, including Eve, Damon Dash, Chuck D, Fabolous, Benzino, Baby of Cash Money, attorney L. Londell McMillan, Minister Ben of the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network, Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew, and session moderator Harry Allen assembled to discuss these and other very real issues facing our culture. A range of opinions and ideas were discussed, with a consensus that change must start from within the hip-hop community. Fabolous suggested, “Right now I think hip-hop needs to be more than just music. It needs to be, like, motivation and inspiration for the younger generation in the ’hood [because they] are just followin’ everything that hip-hop is giving.”
Also joining the fight this month are P. Diddy with his commentary “On Hip-Hop’s Economic Famine” (page 138), Common as he shares a bit of “Common Knowledge” (page 122), The Roots with an “All for One” attitude (page 116), and The Source’s own “Inner Circle” (page 142).

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new party CD by DJ Vlad

DJ Vlad releases a new party CD "Hot In Here Vol. 2", with a non-stop mix of 59 brand-new songs from the East Coast, West Coast, Dirty South as well as Reggae and R&B. Get it here.

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Former Klank members return with new project

Pat and John formerly of Klank have a new project with hip-hop producer Taiwan Green A.K.A. Mr.Fingaz. 54 aims to create a new sound blending elements that are melded together to become cutting edge.Their sound has many layers of influence from the beats of underground hip-hop to the introspection of indie rock, from the heaviness of Sabbath to the gentleness of John Coltrane. The band is named to re-live the vibe of famous dance club, Studio 54. Check this: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/2/54.htm

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MF Grimm's new address

If you'd like to write to the man, send the letter to:

Fishkill Correctional Facility
Percy Carey 00R5593
P.O. Box 1245
Beacon, N.Y. 12508

His new album "Scars & Memories" will come soon on Daybyday.

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march tour dates


5 - Muenchen, Beatstreet @ Atomic Cafe
6 - Weinheim, Cafe Central
7 - Berlin, Icon
8 - Amsterdam, Melkweg
9 - Paris, Nouveau Casino
11 - Hamburg, Tanzhalle
13 - Aarhus, Musikcafeen
14 - Dresden, Scheune
15 - Hannover, Faust
16 - Gothenburg, Pusterviksbaren
19 - Nuernberg, Desi
21 - Zuerich, Rote Fabrik (tbc, nur DJ Design, DJ T-Rock, DJ Dave Paul)
22 - Biel, Artix

.. with thanks to eastpak!


6 - Muenchen, Backstage
8 - Delmenhorst, com.media

EL DA SENSEI (of artifacts)
AG (of showbiz & ag)

17 - Berlin, Knaack
19 - Oslo, John Dee
21 - Copenhagen, Vega
27 - Leipzig, Bounce
28 - Jena, Kassablanca

check subotage.com for more information.

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Argentine rocks the spot

If you're interested to learn how Argentine rocks the spot, check out MC Say's website at say-productions.com.

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New music from D&C Affiliates

- Style Misia - "Under The Influence of Music" (Divide & Conquer Records) 5/2003
- Style Misia & Scarub - "The Dorm Sessions" 97-99 EP (Divide & Conquer Records) 3/6/03
- LEFT w/Style Misia - "Gangland" EP (Divide & Conquer Records) 3/6/03
- A-O.N.E. - "All Other Never Existed" EP (Supraliminal Music) 3/6/03

All these, except for the first one, will be available on our West Coast "STR8 Commission Tour", March Through April and on the website, www.stylemisia.com

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Greece rocks the spot.

If you wanna know how Greece is kicking it, check www.ominus-djs.gr, the Greek hip hop duo. It features samples, photos and everything else.

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new Brakmart mix CD

You can find out more about the record at the website: sureshots.brakmart.com. It's said to be a reflection of the tastes of the brakmart.com magazine. The tracklisting is:
02. KREATORS: Nightlife
04. SNOOP DOGG: The One and Only
07. PLANET ASIA: Pure Coke
09. NYG'Z: Strenght
10. GANGSTARR: Battle
11. LARGE PROFESSOR: Blaze Rhymez II
12. DYNAS: Spittin
13. AFU RA: Lyrical Monster
14. LADY OF RAGE: Unfucwitable
15. BEATNUTS: Buying Out the Bar
16. GANGSTARR: Skills
17. MOS DEF, DIVERSE & PREFUSE 73: Wylin Out RJD2 remix
18. RAS KASS: Goldyn Child
19. PHIL DA AGONY: Train Hard
20. PROFILE: Who's That
21. KRUMB SNATCHA: Strike Back - Closer to God Part II
22. NAS & NATURE: In To Deep
24. J.RAWLS feat J-LIVE: Great Live Caper

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An Original Wailers Showcase
First Levite Video Productions proudly Presents "An Original Wailers Showcase: A Black History Month Tribute To Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, & Bunny Wailer"
Date: Friday, February 21, 2003; Venue: Flava City; 247 Spadina Ave. 2nd Floor; ( 1 block north of Queen Street [East Side]); Toronto, Ontario
Show Time: 10 p.m.
This event will feature King Selah & Kwabena Reuben live in concert.
Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and Bunny Wailer were the co-founder of the greatest reggae group ever to come out of Jamaica. Their songs will be sung by many generations to come with such hits as SIMMER DOWN, SOUL REBEL, GET UP STAND UP STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHT. The Wailers has influenced a lot of people from around the world with their positive message. We are looking forward to your support for this very special event.
For More Info. Contact: Ross Gerald at (416) 833 - 9789
Mark Anthony at (416) 818 - 9495

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"Straight Outta Hunters Point" screenings

The movie "Straight Outta Hunters Point" is on US tour. Kevin Epps, da Mastamind himself, has been taking his acclaimed urban documentary around to DC, NJ, PA, NYC and elsewhere. This flick has been showing throughout the East Coast over the last few weeks in a variety of settings including many college campuses as well as DC's Institute of Policy Studies, The Nuyorican Poets Cafe & even a suburban roller rink in New Jersey. Director Kevin Epps plans to offer more opportunities to catch the film until the DVD production budget can be finalized.The film is not out on DVD or Video yet, and these screenings are the only way to catch it until then.... more info & trailer available at mastamind.com.
Listed below are the few more remaining dates for SOHP on the East Coast screening tour...

- Monday February 24th; The Imagenation: 2003 Independent Film Festival.; FREE; film screening @ 220 Broadway, Manhattan; @ 2:20 pm; Columbia University's Roone Arledge Cinema; see www.imagenationfilmfestival.org for more information

- Friday February 21st, 2003; First Christian Church 6:30-9:15pm; 80 South 5th St, San Jose, CA 95112; $5-7 suggested donation; info: Sundown H. 408-295-4424

in SF; Wednesday February 26th; Hastings College of the Law.; @ 4:30pm; 200 McAllister Street, San Francisco CA; 94102-4978 . Telephone: 415-565-4600; (donations accepted - no one turned away for lack of funds); Telephone: 415-565-4600

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R.I.P. Hitman
R.I.P. Ricky "Hitman" Herd of the RBL Posse.

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Hip Hop Film Fest to hit Red Vic March 13- 15

The organizers of the Hip Hop Film Fest have preliminary announcements on a series of screenings coming to San Francisco March 13- 15th. The Red Vic Moviehouse on Haight Street will host screenings of films such as:

- "Street Legendz" featuring The Mystic Journeymen/ Living Legends Crew,
- "Word" with Dead Prez, Eminem, Capone etc,
- "Breath Control" featuring The Roots, Dougie Fresh & The Fat Boys etc.,
- "Keeping In Time" with Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow etc

more info & announcements concerning this event coming soon on hiphopfilmfest.com

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Urban Vibe says the ferry leaves at nine

Urban Vibe is a trio who hail from Coventry, in London, England. They are Alvin Leon (Keys, programming) Andrew Harding - (Bass & lyrics) and Juliette Foster (Lyrics & vocals). Check these links to get an idea of what they are doing.
- www.cdbaby.com/cd/urbanvibe
- http://www.tydmusic.com/merchant/myreview64.htm
- www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/onemusic/rate_artist.shtml?artist=228

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More Messer Chups

All those that listened to the Tipsy record (review here) and would like to hear more of the Messer Chups. You can get it here: www.solnzerecords.com | www.messerchups.ru | www.kostrow.com | www.fraumuller.spb.ru and www.mp3.com/messerchups

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Young Krime album about to drop

Felony will be releasing the debut solo album by Young Krime aka Da Ghetto Baby titled "Product Of The Ghetto" soon. It'll feature Marvaless, Bushwick Bill and Awall. Check Felony.net for more information.

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DJ Hard Hittin Harry invites you to The Takeover

DJ Hard Hittin Harry invites you to join him for "The Takeover" on Friday 21st at Bar Below, 209 Smith Street in the Carroll Gardens section of Brooklyn. He'll be mixing up the Hiphop, R&B, and Party Classics. My man, DJ A. Frog will follow with the Reggae, Soul, Funk, and Original Breakbeat Flava.
And mark your calenders, because on March 3rd, "Pulse" mixed by DJ Hard Hittin Harry returns to FazeRadio.com.

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Philly Hip Hop.
If you are thirsting for more Philly hip hop, check these two releases (click the cover to get to the audio sites)

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MG Marketing & Media offers their services for the WMC
And a message from MG Marketing & Media, Inc.:

MG Marketing & Media, Inc.
presents our
For Events Held During The
18TH Winter Music Conference 2003
March 18 - 22, 2003
Miami Beach, FL

On March 18 - 22, 2003 more than 7500 music industry professionals and enthusiasts from around the world will converge in Miami Beach for the 18th annual Winter Music Conference. WMC is credited as one of the most important dates on the music industry calendar where every aspect of the business worldwide comes together. During the course of the five-day conference week, relationships are forged, deals struck and some of the best music of the year debuts. Representatives from over 60 countries were in attendance last year including executives from major and independent record labels, publishers, promoters, managers, agents, artists, DJs, remixers, producers, radio and video programmers, retailers, internet companies, equipment hardware and software manufacturers, as well as media from around the world.

During the week of WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE MG is the leading choice of most 'out of town' promotional and production companies. Services we provide are:
· Promotional Flyer Distribution
· Data Packs Distribution
· Email Distribution
· Event Production (managing events and obtaining venues)
· Production Assistants
· Flyer and Web design
· Promotional Item Design
· Interactive Media Creation (such as e-players and contests)
· Traceable Media
· Online Marketing
· Printing Services
· Hotel Booking
· Sponsorship

For all those that are interested in their services and bundles, send an email to mgmrktngmedia@aol.com or call 'em at (954) 431-7913 and tell 'em we sent you.

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An update from the1shanti

I've been in the studio since October working on my debut lp for one of two majors. We just put the finishing touches on it this week. I can't really say which one because we're at the end of the negotiation period and I'm still deciding...
For people who want a follow up to my underground material, I am releasing an album under the name Bombay Sapphire which a producer named ElekTro4 handled the boards on. We worked with, among other people, Billy Martin of Medeski, Martin and Wood, Celph Titled, JJ Brown and DJ Signify.
I've spent the last 2 years on the road with the Dum Dum Project and have had the opportunity to be the first emcee to work with Andrew Lloyd Webber and A.R. Rahman over in London. We put out a remix on Sony UK called "Shakalaka Baby" for Webber's Bomay Dreams musical.
I also have a video out on MTV Asia called "Jaani Jaan" which more than likely won't be released here, however, it has topped off the charts in Asia.
I'm in high spirits that the results which will come of my commercial effort will be very positive. I've worked with Elite from the Ruff Ryders production team, Cavo of the Dum Dum Project, Niraj Chag of Outcaste Records fame, and have handled production on a few joints myself. I'm hoping to bring hip hop from a different perspective in hopes that we can keep it going strong in a time when, at least commercially, we need to keep raising the benchmark.
"Bombay Sapphire" is definately for the backpackers - but when my solo drops, make no mistake, it's meant
for the streets. Let's see how it all turns out, shall we?
Thanks again for your time and helping keep fans informed on the latest news and events going on in our world.

Kind regards,

//"Jaani Jaan" on HOT MTV Asia and Channel V rotation NOW!!!!
//Shakalaka Baby f/the1shanti & Sonik Gurus out NOW, Sony Music UK - f/in Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Bombay Dreams'
//ElekTro4 & the1shanti as 'Bombay Sapphire' feat. on Billy Martin comp. 'illy B Eats' - "ElekTro4 For President" - out NOW on Amulet Records
//Blaxploitation & Deadline e.p. still available - www.soulspazm.com

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