Classic Bangerz Vol. 1
label: tru reign
production: pete rock, trackmasters, diamond, clark kent, ski, k-def, marley marl, rae & christian, others.
year of release: 2003
1. Intro
2. No Tyme
3. One For The Trouble
4. Treasures
5. From The Concrete
6. Superfly
7. Let It All Hang Out
8. MC Chronicles
9. Renegade Master
10. Here Comes The Wrek
11. The Rush
12. The Kid Is Crazy
13. Let It All Hang Out (UK Remix)
14. Heart & Soul
15. Enter The Center
16. One For The Trouble (Remix)
Everyone that doesn't think that hip hop started with Snoop Doog or Ja Rule, knows that the early 90s gave birth to some of the best and most exciting rap that ever came out. Okay, I know you purists will scream blasphemy, how '88 was the best year for rap and blahzay blah. Sure '88 was incredible. However, there's a good reason why suddenly the aesthetic of the early 90s can be heard on so many current releases, or why there's a bundle of used to be shelved records now appearing on the, well, record store shelves.
One of them is A.D.O.R.'s "Classic Bangerz Vol. 1". And it's an interesting occasion, how A.D.O.R.'s a quick one to get his stuff out. Interesting because, sure, he had a certified hit with "Let It All Hang Out". But considering what I can remember of the old Yo! MTV Raps days, that was about it. So it's not like there he had that much of a career to look back on. And "Let It All Hang Out" already came out on the 1998 album "Shock Frequency". So it's not like that track was impossible to get.
But at the same time it's also a good occasion, because you will probably not be able to get that album anymore [actually I'm wrong here: you can still get the record at the Tru Reign website]. Neverthless, maybe a little too many of the good songs on here, were already on that record.
That starts with the other Pete Rock produced song (yes, "Let It All Hang Out" was produced by Pete Rock) "Enter The Center", or two of the Diamond produced songs, "The Rush" and "The Kid Is Crazy". It continues with "From The Concrete", produced by the dream team of Ski and Clark Kent (back on "Shock Therapy" credited as DNA Productions), "One For The Trouble" by K-Def & Marley Marl (on "Shock Therapy" credited to Shaeez…hmm…) and "MC Chronicles", produced by Supa Will & A.D.O.R. himself. What then only leaves little more on that old album to feature on a Volume 2.
It also leaves little on this album that the people that followed A.D.O.R's career don't already know. But yes, that little includes a couple of gems. Be it the seemingly melancholic "Superfly" produced by Purple Penguin, that however is still used for braggadocio verses. We get "Here Comes The Wrek" produced by the Trackmasters who actually used to do proper down and gritty beats (as well as in the case of Tone two good solo albums). We get another Diamond produced song with "Heart & Soul", as well as two remixes: the excellent "Let It All Hang Out" version by Rae & Christian and "One For The Trouble" touched up by Sam Sever. And finally, but quite notably, it give us "Renegade Master" by Fatboy Slim. You know that geezer took Lord Finesse for his greatest hit (man, don't ask me what the title of that was), and just like Finesse's voice carried that song, it's A.D.O.R.'s that was put over this very quick song, that'd be perfect for some true b-boy breaking.
So this still gives plenty of reasons why you should pick this up; if you have "Shock Therapy" or not. If you don't have it, you actually must get this, cause "Let It All Hang Out" is quite the classic. And while the others might not be, they are at least 'bangers'. Anything wrong with that?
review: tadah
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