Temporary Forever
label: temporary whatever

producers: daddy kev, paris zax, o.d., busdriver, conartist, hive, others.

guests: radioinactive, rhetoric, of mexican descent, aceyalone.

year of release: 2002
Style professional, project blowdian, pennyaire, maybe busdriver. That's, well, that's Busdriver for you. One of the quickest, quirkiest and quintessential stylistic. But he's also one of those that became a victim of the latest label foldings. As this, or something similar to this, was supposed to drop on the now defunct Celestial label. And looking at the art design (especially the lettering), that was probably already completed when the label went out of business. What tells you in what progressed state the album must have been, what then allows us to consider this a genuine release we align in the catalogue of this humble while always envelope pushing label.
So you need to pay in mind that Busdriver is going through extra efforts to have this album out, and we should be thankful for that, and even more, since this record is excellent. What might however not be the first impression you get, but maybe the fifth. That's also due to Busdriver's rhyme style being so staccato and so fast, that it takes you a minute to really get into it and to really understand what he's talking about. Oftentimes he also just verses of good time flowing, always seasoning the words with some humor and wit, like on "Driver's Manual" or "Opposable Thumbs", where however there's still a topic of sorts. And Busdriver is excellent when it comes to keeping his lyrics within a circle of one identifiable thematic.

1. New Aquarium
2. Imaginary Places
3. Along Came A Biter
4. Idle Chatter
5. Gun Control
6. Mindcrossing
7. Suing Sony
8. Stylin' Under Pressure
9. Single Cell Ego
10. Somethingness feat. Radioinactive and Rhetoric
11. Driver's Manual
12. The Truth Of Spontaneous Human Combustion feat. Of Mexican Descent
13. Opposable Thumgs
14. Unplanned Parenthood
15. Jazz Fingers feat. Aceyalone
16. Reality Sandwich
17. Wrong Route
18. Post Apocalyptic Rap Blues
And further there's the underground emcee struggling "Post Apocalyptic Rap Blues", that's also satirical and utilizes an according Paris Zax beat, that incorporates the live guitar of Isaac Sprintis. Listening to this singing flow, and then compare it to the melodic and rapid spitting of "Imaginary Places", Busdriver also proves a versatility in his delivery that's rarely seen and straight up ill. And Zax shows how he can make this piece of classical music his own. Another brilliant track is "Along Came A Biter", that does some funny labeling and that lyrically is one of the best pieces on here.
Daddy Kev then produced "Mindcrossings", again a very good track. The quality is also due to the dope D-Styles scratching. Busdriver declares that "when you cross my mind, you best look both ways / cause my personality is bigger than yours", while he fills the gaps with freestylish 'rapping about what the thoughts carry you to' content. Also produced by Daddy Kev is "Suing Sony", where Busdriver is putting a fence around what truly makes his identity. Looking for the tracks with more reflective content, there's "Somethingness" with Radioinactive and Rhetoric, that's produced by Conartist and that still finds enough time to not do just the one thing. There's "The Truth Of Spontaneous Human Combustion" featuring Of Mexican Descent, as well as "Unplanned Parenthood", with on the latter Busdriver touching upon some rarely spoken out loud truths. Also intending to say something are "Jazz Fingers" with Aceyalone and "Reality Sandwich", that was produced by Hive.
On the beat tip we also need to mention the rather unregular "Idle Chatter", where O.D. speeds up the track, to add a hard to categorize horn to the song. While Busdriver again incredibly sing songy recites the lyrics. As mentioned "Mindcrossings" and "Imaginary Places" are very dope too, but these are just three of eighteen action packed beats, that do little regular, with the oddness and otherness of their sound however being so traditional that this is more a logical next step in the hip hop development, than a eccentric detour.
Now as for the rating, as well as the conclusion: Busdriver got a 20 in flow and delivery. Yes, straight up the maximum. That not because it's just as effortless as the one of other flow masters. It's that too. But also because it's incredibly versatile, and Busdriver is able to adopt it to the beat in highly impressive ways. So consider this, and consider that the odds at one time were bad that this album will ever be released for the fans to hear. Just imagine that. And then don't go and download this album, but go and buy it in a store. You want this Busdriver album, just like you want your busdriver to be sober behind the wheel.
review: tadah
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