label: four

producers: 10 vor 10

guests: snaz, remarkable, virginia nasciemento, layguuan sharkie, stir m., metaphysics
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1. Intro
2. Deine Stimme
3. Sonne Geht Auf
4. Grid Locked feat. Snaz & Remarkable
5. My Own World
6. Gib Mir Mut feat. Virginia Nasciemento
7. Sweet Memories
8. Kaffee
9. Jenseits Von Eben
10. Never Been Broke
11. Old To The New feat. Stir M, Layguuan Sharkie
12. Die Lauten Stinken Nicht
13. Sag Mir Wo
14. Master Girl
15. Spiel Da Nich Mit
16. Text Und Ton
17. Migrant Souls feat. Layguuan Sharkie, Metaphysics
18. Auf Und Ab


Text Und Ton

With a continuing tic-tac of an alarm clock, this album starts. And as an exception, you'll be listening to this with pleasure, because this "Intro" makes tired ears listen up. In contrast to the many smoothed out musical entries heard elsewhere, this here starts right from the bat. There's no holding back of broad groves and flowing raps and only the shortness of the track lets you assume that this is the "Intro". On the second cut "Deine Stimme", the record is shifting a gear down, but despite the slow beat, the flow gives it a dynamic goodness. Further to note is also the long chorus.

This is followed by another smooth number. With jazzy sounds, and the soulful chorus on "Sonne Geht Auf", one immediately feels transported into the 'Sunday-Morning-Breakfast-Advertisement' of Schwartau Extra [a German jam / marmalade company]. Towards the end, the chorus then is getting a little lengthy though.

But who thought that he can cozily withdraw back to bed, was quite wrong. "Grid Locked" is another fat track, that is everything else but tiresome. As featured guests, we get Snaz and Remarkable. "My Own World" then is a Acid-Jazz-Remix-Interlude. And some like Interludes better than others, that's just the way it is.

"Gib Mir Mut" is another quiet cut. The combination of the acoustic guitar and the beast is a little strongly resembling a Freundeskreis [another German hip hop group] composition. Fat samples then announce in advance what we can expect on "Sweet Memories": battles! And for all those that never had the pleasure to hear it, this is how it sounds like when men urinate standing up, and soil the toilet seat. "Kaffee" then allows two different opinions about it. And why the coffee was so sweet and made so sad can quite possibly be only explained by Helge Schneider [a German comedian]... The chill out interlude "Jenseits Von Eben" however, gives us one minute to think about it. And the following "Never Been Broke" is the our-reason-to-make-hip-hop track on this album.

Trumpet sounds of the Miles Davis kind and soft accords are making up the background of the jazzy number that "Old To The New" is. Here the topic is self critically thinking about the reason for life and about the lack of respect for the old and older school.

"Die Lauten Stinken Nicht" seems to end in the desperate attmpt to create a funk guitar riff. After half the track though, the cut changes into a barbecue party reggae something: 'take your time' is the topic and the artist seem to have an infinite amount of that. The fight against anything hectic is continued on "Sag Mir Wo". The search is on to find a place of quietness, that is said to be found at home. But where is that 'home'?

The melody of "Master Girl" will provoke medieval feelings, wouldn't there be the modern beats that complete the interlude.

"Spiel Da Nich Mit" is an anti-diss track. With a simple melody and with ragga beats, this laments about dissing and towards the end, a finger against violence is raised. "Text Und Ton", the title track of the album, seems to be more Ton [sound] (in relation to Sonic Youth!], than Text (hmm, yes, where is it?).

Quite philosophical (leaning towards the esoteric) things get on "Migrant Souls". Reggae, a choir and a xylophone are making up the most important musical bricks of the track. And at the end we get a groovy Blues-Funk track with "Auf Und Ab". Like a Yo-yo: at one time things are good, then bad, it's just important to not give up and continue on.

With the album "Text Und Ton", Clueso was able to give a good debut. As you might have been able to tell from the review, what is to point out here, are the sounds. And quite often, real instruments are picked up too. This doesn't really allow the feeling of monotony to come up. On a contrary: the instruments give the tracks a personal profile, that is enriched with interchanged and well used effects and cuts. This pushes the rhymes somewhat into the background. That would have been less the case, if they'd come straighter and less carried by the melody. In my opinion, this melts the flow and the music too much into each other. And the content of the lyrics could also be more humorous and fine tuned. The skills to use the language are obviously there, but a certain feel of diplomatic indirect political correctness is still ringing throughout this. Furthermore, the closeness of "Text Und Ton" to the Four Music label is evident. The rhymes seem to be pointing towards Blumentopf, the smooth grooves towards Freundeskreis and the usage of real instruments is pointing towards Die Fantastischen Vier. Thomas Hübner alias Clueso nevertheless gives us a relaxing showing up with "Text Und Ton", that is able to stand out. And so we can look forward to all things coming up.


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