producers: celph titled, deacon, kno

guests: kory calic, mr sos, anetra, braille, jugga the bully, mr raw, sachmere the professional, tone deff, sankofa, kashal tee, celph titled.
year of release: 2001
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1. Will Rap For Food
2. Lynguistics
3. Mic Like A Memory feat. Kory Calico
4. So Live!
5. Hey
6. Fukinwichu
7. Ain't No Way feat. Mr. SOS and Anetra
8. Missing Children feat. Braille
9. Midnight
10. Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts feat. Jugga The Bully, Mr. Raw
11. Kno's Diggin'
12. Halfanimal
13. Family Ties feat. Cashmere The Professional
14. Dirty South
15. Mindstate
16. Takin' The Loss feat. Jugga The Bully
17. Not Guilty
18. 616 Rewind feat. Tone Deff, Sankofa, Kashal Tee, Celph Titled


Will Rap For Food

The CunninLynguists are cunning linguists, whilst their smart is put within often humorous tales, that are packed over funky, often simple, always dope and butters beats. And so there is little that can be said about the twosome of Kno and Deacon, that doesn't involve props. But let's cut the crap and check the shizznizz out. And we shall give you the bad news first: it's not good on this record. There's little if anything wrong with "Fukinwichu", "Thugged Out Since Cub Scouts" (featuring Jugga The Bully and Mr. Raw) or "Family Ties" (feat. Cashmere), as the beats (with or without the voice snippets from other cats) are cool, but compared to the rest of the album, they are falling back a little. And what must look like we are desperately looking for something to criticize, and we wouldn't disagree, "Ain't No Way" feat. Mr. SOS and Anetra is dope, but that chorus is just not too, well, too 'yeeeahhh', if you know what I mean.

And having that gotten out of the way, we can now spread the words about those track that are seriously keeping us happy, like "Lynguistics", that is based on a string sample that is strangely familiar. Here we catch the first glimpse of the very appealing production, as well as the punchline style, that has the track open with "that music makes me high/ even though I stay away from cannabis like Wyclef". Kno and Deacon are throwing the mic back and forth completing the bars together, and if they'd be a couple, they'd hold hands and walk into the sunshine. Or something. And matching that image is the music of "Mic Like A Memory", a track featuring Kory Calico. There is a similar vibe driving "Missing Children", that is featuring Braille, but also towards the end a breakbeat, that is adding more tension to this early night vibe having track. And on both tracks the content is getting more serious, and we shall not degrade these ill tracks with any wacky witty remarks.

On "So Live!" things are already getting joyous again, as this bouncy Celph Titled produced track was chosen to represent the Lynguists on the pre-released 12". And there's also little doubt that this cut will be one of the live crowd's favorite. And when on "Halfanimal" Kno and Deacon go for the straight up lining up punches, we are leaving behind most of the sentimental thoughts that were creeping into our view. Here Kno (who by the way produced the whole album, apart from two tracks) is hooking up something kinda synthetic, but with the Eminem sample, we are again taken in. However, this will give those cats wind under the wings, that think that Kno is sounding like Em' when he rhymes. It's hard to completely argue that away, but it will be just as hard to convince each and everyone of such a finding. Now finally as the last track on the album we get the crowded studio effort "616 Rewind", that features Tone Deff, Sankofa, Kashal Tee and Celph Titled, as well as the sole beat effort by Deacon, who proves that not only his partner Kno knows how to put the boom to the bap.

Also throughout the album, there are short interludes, as well as moments where the two cats are bugging pedestrians for some change, offering to rhyme for them, in various styles, like with a southern twang or getting jiggy with it. We are also treated to one instrumental cut called "Not Guilty", that is dope and then some, it actually being on of our favorite beats on the whole album. What leaves us with concluding, that the CunninLynguists are making us happy and smile, like we are all female and they just give us a cunnilingus.

review: tadah

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