label: anticon
producers: jel, abilities, dj mayonnaise, alias, moodswing9, ant
1. Deep Puddle Theme Song
2. The Candle
3. Thought Vs. Action
4. Where The Wild Things Are
5. June 26th, 1998
6. The Scarecrow Speaks
7. I Am Hip Hop (Move The Crowd)
8. Heavy Ceiling
9. June 26th, 1999 a. slight
10. June 26th, 1999 b. exist
11. June 26th, 1999 c. purpose
12. June 26th, 1999 d. mothers of invention


The Taste Of Rain ... Why Kneel

The strange impression you get sitting in a standing train, watching something move. As it looks like you move yourself. As you are so used being the moving reference point, that the outside has to stand still. It's the norm. This norm is broken and flipped into the opposite. The other train is moving. Or the platform seems to be moving. Or the whole scenery is passing you by.

The hip hop world must have felt equally confused, when Anticon emerged. They were the moving something, giving us the impression of being in motion. It was easy for us to listen to their music, being taken aback as this was over our collective head, and we didn't expected anything else. However, it just took some time for us to refocus and realize that the ant colony was the moving point and we were standing still, in our traditional frame of hip hop mind. But the options were there to catch up, to get our train moving.

Deep Puddle Dynamics, a metaphor for the dynamics in a deep puddle. And if that sounds fishy to you, listen to "Deep Puddle Theme Song" and have Alias, Dose One, Slug and Sole explain it to you. Hear them march "from the outskirts of obscurity", each taking a step for the other, after the other, to the center stage. The beat moves like a rusty "snowball through the desert". You wonder where the fish tank fits into the picture. Then again, like one of those fish that clean the aquarium glass, the voice of Dose is sucking onto our brain during his verse on "The Candle", that's accompanied by piano keys, struck by Moodswing9. Sole in the mean time, is blowing out the light and breaks the roses in two. Abilities then takes us through "Thought vs. Action". Dose is again called to open the track with a first verse for "Where The Wild Things Are". But it's the angelic entrance by Sole, that changes the track and takes it one step further to it's full abilities. The mother of them, Jel, is putting a nutritious meal on the table, with all components for a rounded out diet. "June 26th, 1998" is asking the remotely doughnut shaped universe question "what's the meaning of life?" and while Stephen Hawking is shrugging, two lines eventually add up to a multiplication of sevens.

The priest from the pulpit is hyping up same thinkers, and this will bounce off non thinkers, as the scarecrow will chase away the bling bling. While this already is, the opposite still intends to be. This is more than 60% of mental capacity, this is like a good microchip in your brain, helping your just thinking, rather than tracking it down and stomp it. And while this ant composition "The Scarecrow Speaks" seems to be restrained in it's trust of affects, it's a high rising peak in the puddle. "who are these that shit's pretty dope / but I can hardly hear his vocals and the bass is too loud / Actually this kid's nasty / too bad I can't hear the words -excuse me- / damn like he couldn't have just walked pass oh and the stare too / see everybody wants to show you, how big their hmm and how little they think": drunken uttering. "I Am Hip Hop" is suddenly making KRS' dream come true and changing it into a nightmare. "I shed another blood / you knew I would / I feel you should / adapt, can't run forever /trapped death stepped up to / shed another blood / you knew I would / I feel you should / adapt, can't run forever / trapped death stepped up to". Jel is centering a similar sound for "Heavy Ceiling". But it's not like so much creativity in five persons is breathing away the air. Orchestrated by the Mayo conductor, "June 26th, 1999" opens like the conclusion it is. This is the abbreviation to the complete work theorem. This is "Slight" and only the minority could find university in this relevance that's a relatively continuum to the gag effect that will try to push this complexity off your synapses.

However, they balance the outside influence out and imprint their tags onto your iris. Now lightbeams "Exist" through an Anticon template. As while mayonnaise drums are keeping us exited, only reading the name Alias in the production credits can top that excitement. "Purpose" is another flawless piece that's as rich as still wet after 20 yours oil paint on linen canvas. For the some of us, our "Mothers Of Invention" are a matriarchal perspective for all of us. In the struggle has all kinds of meanings, like an ant in conspiracy novels, feeding off the dust on the books. Hit the light switch and you'll see it run away. But we all know ants will survive nuclear rain. Waste dropping from the sky, burning stitching holes through to the skull. And the ant will remain, fighting their thirst with rain gathered in a puddle. Being the source for predictable chaotic dynamics.

Why is sarcasm only legit on Anticon snippet tapes? Why can't words about art move beyond artificial and become a step stone on the way to the expedition? The service to the volley. The wind to the windmill. The stone starting off the deep puddle dynamics? At least barely and incompetently? Taste this!

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