label: ill boogie
producers: celph titled, apathy
guests: esoteric, louis logic, metropolis, rise, l-fudge, open mic, others.
year of release: 2002
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1. Science Of The Bumrush Vol. 2
2. Captivate/Deactivate feat. Esoteric, Open Mic
3. The Demigodz
4. Off The Chrome feat. Louis Logic
5. Don't You Even Go There feat. Louis Logic
6. The Godz Must Be Crazy feat. One Two, L-Fudge, Spin 4th of Yaggfu Front, Metropolis, Louis Logic, Open Mic, Rise, Motive, Esoteric, Jabber Jaw


The Godz Must Be Crazy

With ten members and counting it's likely you know at least one member of the underground super group, The Demigodz. While the other artists involved with the Earplug series chose to drop rhymes about problems in life or take an introspective stance on things, the Demigodz crew, led by Celph Titled and Apathy, aims right for the jugular with hardcore flows and rapid-fire rhymes. Don't expect any type of message in the music either as the EP is filled with some hilarious punchline heavy songs with verses from Apathy, Celph, Esoteric, Rise, Louis Logic, and Open Mic among others. Celph Titled starts off "The Godz Must Be Crazy" EP welcoming you to 'Chrome Depot' with a cock of his glock, while Apathy does his best Snoop Dogg impression as he lets you know the Demigodz ain't on some abstract shit. "Science Of The Bumrush Vol. 2" is riddled with lines like Apathy claiming he "slips bitches roofies/ snatch Muslim kufis/ still steal from the store and sneak into the movies." Celph comes equally as ridiculous as he brags about "Making rap loot from rhyming and making hits/ while you be begging niggas on websites just to check your shit." "Captivate / Deactivate" is titled and even sounds like an average 7L & Esoteric song so its only right E himself starts off this rap race. Celph drops another nice one liner with "I'm dope, your just a barbiturate kicking bitch shit."

"The Demigodz" is another funny braggadocio romp as Celph flips the beat with an almost game show type of appeal with the ultra catchy hook of "The Demigodz, we'll crush your click (crush your click!)/ We'll fuck your bitch/ The Demigodz don't give a fuck/ Cuz your shit sucks (It Sucks!)." This song will have you singing that crazy hook wherever you go. "Off The Chrome" has Majik Most formerly of Equilibrium acting as a deranged fan who almost has convulsions as Apathy, Louis Logic, and Celph kick verses off the dome for his entertainment. "Don't You Even Go There" is arguably the tightest cut with Louis Logic claiming best verse honors as Apathy laces the beat with a Lauryn Hill sample covering as the hook. "The Godz Must Be Crazy" brings the EP to a close in dramatic fashion with a monster posse cut containing vocals from 12 heads including L-Fudge and Rise.

While the Demigodz may come correct on most of their punchlines their reliance on one-liners can be there downfall, as sometimes the lines just don't work. However, overall "The Godz Must Be Crazy" is very entertaining piece of mindless hiphop that will be a breath of fresh air for those looking for music with a hardcore edge that concentrates more on the next line then delivering a specific message.

review: jbutters

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