Tree City Legends
label: galapagos4

producers: dj, natural, anacron, kp the illustrado, denizen kane

guests: typical cats

year of release: 2002
How often do you try a new food? Or does it need you ordering a vegetarian pizza, that has aubergines plastered all over the surface, for you to try it for the first time? Is a wrongfully placed order for a coffee the only way for you to taste it for the first time? What about spoken word, creative, instrumental, intelligent, non bling bling and blah blah hip hop? Do we have to trick you into listening to it? Act like it's the newest so and so and when you realize what it is, it's already too late? Well think about that before you turn down another record, simply on pure expectations. Think about that before you don't listen to Denizen Kane.
Who is part of the Typical Cats, and as we learned on their album, as well as the solo album from also member Qwel, these cats are rather untypical. What also means that you can't really throw them all in one pot and it would fit. They are actually refusing to not do something different. And exactly that is what's typical about the cats, that you, each and every time, will be treated to something you will not have expected. Like on this album with songs like "Drown (Bless The Dead)", where a women is singing, while one organ is adding the sole company. On "Lost Found Legend Of _____" Denizen gets out his guitar and sings in a somewhat reggae voice. And to even further take this away from anything reducibly boom bap, this makes up one forth of the whole EP.

1. Early Burn
2. Only Sleeping
3. Calling Card
4. Two Trains
5. Tree City Legends
6. Micah 6:8
7. Drown (Bless the Dead)
8. Lost Found Legend Of ___
Obviously there's also the more 'traditional', meaning the what people will call hip hop. And the best track on here must be the groovy wah wahish "Two Trains". Not only is the KP The Illustrado beat just straight up dope in all its musicality, this simply makes the introspective words stand out further and our attention is spent in excessive quantities for this song. So we are rather cool that the beat is allowed to play on for quite some time after Denizen ceased to talk. The self portraying, discussing, analyzing and misunderstanding "Only Sleeping" is only a little less good, with the Anacron beat doing everything right to not taste canned. But we got more trouble with the Typical Cats outing "Calling Card" (too live sounding instrumentation) and "Early Burn" (funky enough, and lyrically dense, however still lacking seasoning). "Tree City Legends" juggles the transition from singing to rapping, while "Micah 6:8" is kept instrumental for a big part, with the rest being of a friendly drill sergeant singing while marching.
Prejudices are a mo-fo. And the trouble is that few preconditioned 'naws' can easily outweigh a vast number of 'hoorays'. Like I tried to sell you this album, but the short description of the elements that make it, as well as the elements that are to be missed from here, is only drawing out a preset decision. Where are the good arguments? Where's the one line that has you jump over your shadow (or hood of your imaginary big car) and try something new? Does it have to be by accident and chance? Do you have to have this Christopher Columbus gene? Where's your will to taste an aubergine that you've never had before? What does it take for you to listen to Denizen Cane, who is dope?
review: tadah
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