label: anticon
producers: dj mayonnaise
1. Intro / Center Of The Universe
2. Two Sides Of The Fence
3. Da da Da Da....Da
4. Aquarius
5. Divine Disappointment Revisited
6. Wizard Unrobed
7. Paper Cliche
8. DJ Signify Can't Do This
9. Sinful Strut
10. Digging In Moodswings Crates
11. A Hundred Words
13. Swedish Orgy
14. Words Of Wisdom
15. DJs Shouldn't Talk / Ozzy Rules
16. Dr. Me
17. Fisbys Tavern
18. Inner Suzie
19. "Sample Here"
20. San Francisco Sin-A-Long
21. Outro


55 Stories...

Okay, what's with the name: DJ Mayonnaise? Has anyone ever asked? Whatever the reason that Chris chose this moniker, mister Mayo is handling the 1200s on his album "55 Stories", that came out in 1999, and so was one of the early Anticon releases. Yip, Mayo isn't just a 1200 Hobo, but also part of the infamous Anticon collective. And his album got re-released now, to little hoopla it seems, maybe due to it being an instrumental turntablist adventure, that for some is hard to swallow like the fries that the French folks like to drench in mayonnaise. What gets us full circle back to that name again....DJ Mayonnaise???

Anyways, we start the record and we are to learn what this has in store, as "Intro / Center Of The Universe" opens with obscure dialogue snippets and an organ is made to shiver. On "Two Sides Of The Fence", the sounds are getting a little more intense, read less smooth, with a cymbal heavy, 'poor chap' sample, this happens to be a free to download mp3 at that .com site, just called differently. This track allows Mayo to do some heavy jigga-jigga on the way to progress to the horns, that are then made to wrap up the track. Another horn, this time jazzy, opens "Da Da Da Da....Da" that features a rather mighty drum and some flaring cuts. This is something that should be able to even attract the people that usually call this type of outcome to be simply lacking an emcee.

But who needs a rhymesmith, if one can have the serious slicing on "Aquarius"? And who needs anything else, if one gets the track that is coming up next, and that happens to be, maybe, possibly, probably, surely, the best track on this Mayo album. Well, basically and pretty straight up, Alias' "Divine Disappointment" is one of, if not the best track ever to come out the Anticon household. And Mayo gives us "Divine Disappointment Revisited". So he adds a rolling scratch over the extended version of the sample, before the track goes into this ill drum with more scratches, to result in a version that is simply mind-blowing. Big words for a big track.

And we are left happy and content with the record already. Ahhhhh....... But there's still plenty more, like "Wizard Unrobed", that is built upon a jazzy bass. Or there's "Paper Cliche" where Mayo exposes another of those deep drums he finds and he does some chirping with a flute sound over it. The track then goes into mach three, once at the end the drum break is totally cleverly introduced and things going into finger breaking intensity. The strangely named "DJ Signify Can't Do This" opens with a, is it Chuck Do or Ice T, sample and then goes into a story telling scratch. "Sinful Strut" slowly progresses before the piano kicks in like a distinctive movie moment. "Jacky Brown" is used for "Diggin' In Moodswings Crate", that is basically built from an obscure sample. A totally different vibe can be found on "A Hundred Words", before on "" some hypnotist tries to lure you into his circle, while strings a go go seem to be lifted off a record that featured a long hair singer on the cover.

The "Swedish Orgy" is not some relaxed chilling in a sauna, but rather a nervous walking about, not being sure if this is the place you want to be. We then are told about the DJ on "Words Of Wisdom", but this is not purely made for us to listen to the words, as there are a whole bunch of different things going on in the back. Somewhat in the same horn blows "DJs Shouldn't Talk / Ozzy Rules", as a voice is working as the wordy manifest of what Mayo wants to tell us. To back up the quote of 'I guess that DJ Mayonnaise guy is pretty cool', the track is being flipped and scratches take over again. We then get "Dr. Me", a track that slowly sneaks on you with the sweet piano and siren singing turntable tricks. We don't want to rush, but going through another dope piano to be abandoned on "Fisbys Tavern", that features another nifty drum in part 2, "Inner Suzie" happens to do that shivering sound effect that Mayo seems to enjoy again, with him looping in the back, we then take this into ""Sample Here"", an allowance to us to lift off a exhibited percussion. It then is broken into half for something new to come on, maybe just showing off that Mayo has samples for days.

As we are approaching the end of the album, on the way we catch "San Francisco Sing-A-Long", before the record ends with "Outro", a quick combo of Karate chops and kicks, opening the exit door like hell's gate, we are approaching it, knowing that we don't have a choice. Or something like that.

And so we can express our amazement about this record. See, it is hard on us, and takes a lot of effort to catch much of what's going on, not even daring to say 'all'. It also makes it tiring because we didn't expect such complex turntablism deepness for a kid bearing the name of a sauce. That's our ignorance of course. Maybe we just were stuck within the hoopla that's surrounding the Anticon emcees, that we totally forgot that this gathering also has some of the illest beatsmiths amongst them. And with Mayonnaise not just being a producer, but also one heck of a DJ, that is punishing our unexpecting naïveté in true 1200 Hobo fashion, doing something complex, effortful to access but eventually very calories heavy and yummy. Kinda like mayonnaise, I guess.

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