label: djnext
includes: blackalicious, guru, aesop rock, atoms family, slug, eyedea, m.o.p., esoteric, apathy, underclassmen, others.
year of release: 2002
1. Intro: DJ Next "Steaks On The Grill"
2. Truth Elemental, Karma, Esoteric "Straight Outta Boston"
3. Rokone, Immortal Techniques "Fucked Up For Life"
4. Apathy, Romen Rok, Alias "Nextclusive Barbecue Sauce"
5. Blackalicious, Latyrx, Life Savas "Rhude Island Rhode Rage"
6. Cella Dwellas, Etcetera "When It's Ova"
7. Ed O.G "Work For It"
8. Baldhead Slick "Where's Our Money"
9. Interlude: One Phone Call
10. Kreemdotcom, Gur "Meet Me At The Next Spot"
11. C-Rayz Walz, Breeze Evaflowin, Stelf Index "DJ Next Up"
12. Skit: Pessimists "James Earl Jones"
13. Celph Titled "Inaudible"
14. M.O.P. "Ante Up (Fakts1 Remix)"
15. Interlude: Potion #9 (Secret Sauce For The Garveys)
16. Birthwrite feat. Shiz "E-Z"
17. Aesop Rock "Milkcrate Full Of Freestyle"
18. Interlude: Persistance
19. Underclassmen, Promoe "My Hip Hop"
20. Illin' P "Dripledge"
21. Alaska, Cryptic One, Vast Aire "Atoms Fam Nextclusive"
22. 8th Wundah, Signature, Roolette "Black Box"
23. Greenhouse Effect feat. Blueprint "Soul"
24. Slug, Eyedea "Live (At The Barbecue) Freestyle"


Back To The Grill, Again

Luckily, there're still simple rules, like: whenever you see a DJ Next product, pick it up. Simple, but very true. Cause this cat is able to put out a mixtape (that actually features more compiling than mixing) that is twenty four tracks deep, with only three cuts not being exclusives. But we're not talking about wack album outtake exclusives, or cuts that are released two weeks later anyways. Naw. None or any of that. What you get here is a number of banging joints that are exclusive to this release, what then makes it necessary for you to pick it up, if ever wanting to hear them. And even the three tracks that are on here are relevant gap fillers, as all are in connection to Next's hometown Boston, and don't want to be missed, as they are: Ed O.G"Work For It", Baldhead Slick "Where's Our Money" and M.O.P. "Ante Up (Fakts One Remix)". And while the Remix might not have as much energy as the original, it's still bouncy, and the way Next mixes the Slick track, with the Gang Starr classic "Code Of The Streets" is butters. Cause here Next proves that even though the exclusives might be what will get most people hyped, this cat knows how to hold it down on the 1200's too.

Nevertheless if you have exclusives like "Straight Outta Boston", where Truth Elemental, Karma and Esoteric rip over the N.W.A "Straight Outta Compton" beat, it can't be a surprise that people will get hyped about that. Or you can't possibly dismiss Apathy, Romen Rok and Alias doing "Nextclusive Barbecue Sauce", over one evil and dope Virachoca beat. Or Next rounds up Blackalicious, Latyrx and Life Savas for "Rhude Island Rhoad Rage", pairs the Cella Dwellas with Etcetera for "When It's Ova", with the Virachoca beat again being more than just good enough, but being good and then some. The Stronghold represent on "DJ Next Up", with C-Rayz Walz, Breeze Evahflowin and Stelf Index doing more of the prominent braggadocios verses.

The skit by the Pessimists (DJ Mek & Dusty Frazier)" is then doing "James Earl Jones", a sick turntable cut, hence adding a dope little extra to this record. The goods then continue to come on, with Aesop Rock doing "Milkcrate Full Of Freestyle", the Underclassmen (who have roots in Boston) and Promoe (of the Looptroop) holding it down for Switzerland and Sweden respectively, doing their best track to date with "My Hip Hop", that's produced by Phil Pro, and gives us Trig, Pro' and Kaotic spitting nice verses over this dope beat. DJ Next then offers a self produced drippy beat to Illin' P who's doing "Dripledge", paving the way for the Atoms Family cut "Atoms Fam Nextclusive", as Alaska, Cryptic One and Vast Aire freestyle over a Cryp' beat. Then again, not all can be freestyled, as Vast drops the ominous Sole diss "I'm Atoms Fam to the bone marrow / fuck a Sole, even god knows his body is hollow", that we already heard on the CanOx album. So this is either rather old, or something Vast still enjoys to include in his freestyles from time to time. While not Atoms Fam, still family is Greenhouse Effect and Blueprint, and they do "Soul" before the record is ended with Slug and Eyedea, where Eyedea appears as a record label snake, and Slug retorting his stance on what's called "Live (At The Barbecue) Freestyle".

So with a couple of the treats not yet even been mentioned, there can't even be the smallest of doubts, that this record is dope. Heck, even more than dope. Cause this is everything that's so good about the spontaneity of hip hop, combined with the true love of more or less big artists, to still do a project like this one (heck, even Guru is on here). So you gotta pay a lot of respect to this project, and whatever you pay for the actual record, it can hardly be too much.

review: tadah

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