compilation featuring: high & mighty, mad skillz, el-p, smut peddlers, kool keith, others.

1. High & Mighty feat. Mike Zoot, Mos Def, El-P "B-Boy Document"
2. Mad Skillz "Lick The Balls"
3. High & Mighty feat. Baby Black & Rasheed "Open Mic Night"
4. Smut Peddlers "One By One"
5. Alchemist feat. Mr Eon & Evidence "E=MC2"
6. High & Mighty "The Meaning"
7. High & Mighty "Cranial Lumps"
8. EC All Stars feat. Mr. Eon, Baby Black, Pauly Yams "All In Together"
9. High & Mighty "Mind, Sould & Body"
10. Smut Peddlers "The Hole Repertoire"
11. High & Mighty feat. El-P & Bobbito "Hands On Experience"
12. High & Mighty feat. Kool Keith, What What & Bobbito "Hands On Experience Part 2 - Original Mix"


Somewhat environment friendly, this is a ‘recycled’ compilation. Not really. But most of the tracks were previously available, and every hip hop head, that likes to think of himself as in the know, should already have copped those tracks. With a few extra, previously unreleased cuts thrown in to give the head a reason, why he should buy this too, this compilation nevertheless is nice for two reason. First it gives the new cat on the block another chance to listen to the lyrical b-boy stance of the good people at Eastern Conference, and second it’s somewhat nice to have all those tracks on one little plate, so that you don’t always have to change the 12" after one track.

This goes through all the good stuff, like the original "B-Boy Document", featuring Mike Zoot, Mos Def & El-P (Company Flow). Mad Skillz also resurfaces with "Lick The Balls", while the b-side ("The Conceited Bastard") of that 12" has to be one of the notable misses. Both tracks from the first Smut Peddlers 12" are on here too: "One By One" and "The Whole Repertoire". Mr Eon spits "the outcome is known just like fixed elections", while Cage (other half of the Smut Peddlers) comments the competition’s status with "you can't see me wit your pinned up eyelids".

High & Mighty, owner of Eastern Conference, give us the non album track "Cranial Lumps", the original version of "Open Mic Night" (feat. Baby Black & Rasheed), the flip of the "B-Boy Document" 12": "Mind, Soul & Body" and "The Meaning" (b-side of the "Open Mic Night" 12"). "Hands On Experience" finds is way onto this compilation in the original version (same rhymes, different beat than on the album), and another version featuring El-P and Bobbito, with a very smooth beat. Also notable is "All In Together" by The EC All Stars (feat. Mr Eon, Baby Black & Pauly Yams). All three emcees flow nicely over a heavy guitar lick beat.

The unreleased tracks on here are the Alchemist blessed "E=MC2". Eon is sharing rhymes with Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), and kicks the line "lyrical trial fest, turning thugs Amish". And another unreleased track is the Original Mix of the previously mentioned "Hands On Experience".

While this is essential for all the High & Mighty / Eastern Conference fanatics, recommended for all those that missed the stuff on here, it’s still worth checking out for those that know most of these tracks.

review: tadah the byk

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