Happy Fuck You Songs
label: qn5

producers: tonedeff, elite, deacon the villain

guests: breeze evahflowin, deacon the villain, kno, mecca, icon the mic king, pumpkinhead, gms, elite, kameel-yen, poison pen, squijee.
year of release: 2002
With battle emcees it's like with primates (you know: chimps and hariy relatives): you can cuddle, but DON'T look 'em straight in the eyes. Don't. You may wave, smile, grin stupidly, but DON'T, well you know. Same with the Extended F@mm. While it would be a little unfair to just limit them to battle emcees (or compare 'em primates), you still better just wave and smile, but don't, don't look 'em straight in the eyes. Cause if need be, Pack FM, Substantial, Session and Tonedeff will rip you to lyrical shreds. And they do this very sneakingly, because they will smile too, wave too, but they'll smile at you and wave at your chick that's standing behind you, already eyeing the four from the get go. It's sad. But I mean, this record should have prepared you for it.
Because for a big part of the "Happy Fuck You Songs" album, these four will remind you of your shortcomings, like a hook shot that doesn't even touch the rim. And they do this on songs like "The Evil That Pens Do", they do it on "How U Doin?" (feat. Mecca) and they invite a couple of friends to do it on "Obligatory Posse Cut", with the friends being the illustrious figures Breeze Evahflowin, Deacon The Villain, Kno, Mecca, iCON The Mic King, Pumpkinhead, GMS, Elite, Kameel-Yen, Poison Pen and Squijee.

1. Intro
2. The Evil That Pens Do
3. Line Drop
4. FYIRB (Remix)
5. Pause
6. Good Combination
7. Velocity

8. How U Doin? feat. Mecca

9. Celly
10. Murder In The Verse Degree
11. Pebble Jam
12. Obligatory Posse Cut feat. Breeze Evahflowin, Deacon The Villain, Kno, Mecca, iCON The Mic King, Pumpkinhead, GMS, Elite, Kameel-Yen, Poison Pen and Squijee
13. Fin
Speaking of Squijee, this Mr Hanky voiced figure guides us through the record and gets crazy busy over a Tonedeff hidden cut adventure. And apart from that Tone produced most of the tracks, with Elite and Deacon The Villain filling the gaps. The cuts these fellers do are not always brilliant (the highlights being the slow "FYIRB (Remix)", the orchestrated "Velocity" as well as "Obigatory Posse Cut"), but always effective, and they definitely fit the vibes of the songs. That as said don't just battle. Nope, there's also amongst others the very clever "Celly". That is furthering the amount of humour that's already on here, with this nice little tale of mobile phone miscommunication and misconnections, like they are constantly running in and out a tunnel.
What then is just about what we wanted to say about this cool record. And see, their smiling and waving makes us like 'em. Makes us enjoy them dissing us. But you know, they don't mean everything they say about us. These are nice fellers. Their smile is genuine. They water their plants on time. However, DON'T look 'em straight in the eyes.
review: tadah
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