The Preferred Remedy

producers: rummage, root canal, joe b.

guests: rummage, average.
year of release: 2002
1. Intro
2. The Perfect Storm
3. Starstruck
4. Run The Gamit
5. Bitter
6. 2 Sponges And A Can Of Comet
7. Different
8. Cruddy Valentine feat. Rummage
9. Bait + Tackle
10. Bitter Turned Escort
11. Sunscreen
12. Root Canal
13. Demented Nerd
14. Mealticket
15. Varsity Club
16. Masculine
17. PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) feat. Average, Rummage
Jimmy Greek is not the one you want to come across at night. Would he be your neighbor you would probably lock the door twice, hide your girlfriend and switch off all the lights just to pretend that nobody's at home. 'Cause he is MAD to the fullest and he misses no occasion to give proof of his insanity. But before we disperse in every direction, we should consider a quote from the booklet (or from "Bait + Tackle"): "when I write it's either do or die, you'll love it or hate it but at least have the heart to take the leap or forever sleep, wondering what could have been". And since sleep is the cousin of death...I guess, we're willing to try.
What sticks out at first glance, is Greek's precise rhyme style. Well, he doesn't really spit rhymes over a beat, it's more like he spreads out thoughts which place themselves like a thick layer over the noisy soundscape. It's not that he couldn't catch the beat, rather he doesn't really seem to set store by an ordinary boom bap.
'Confusion' might be identified as the core element of his concept. Read the titles and you will know. Apart from an ambivalent self-portrayal, his topics are lust, greed and the daily terror of 'home sweet home' ("Masculine"), all mixed up with sarcasm and the belief that nothing good comes without the bad.
Music wise, the single-loop scheme seems to be program. The only sounds which could be labeled 'melodies' seem to come straight out of a horror-movie. Strings in their darkest tones provide for a dry mouth, mingling with some evil scratching like on "Run The Gamit". In this atmosphere, we're constantly on edge, feeling that something bad is gonna happen. Which is. There is a conversation between the pervert and his bait, for example, as an intro to "Bitter". Or these deadly heavy-metal guitars (eighties' style) to which we are exposed with no protection on "2 Sponges And A Can Of Comet". The rest of this cut, however, comes surprisingly clear, and while we feel back among the living, nobody could express our astonishment more accurately than Greek himself: "This being so clean, you think I hate it. But I love it. And I'm gonna rape it without the drug pill." If you don't believe he's serious, you're probably right, as he goes on: "Remember, at first, I had the biggest thirst, but now it's replaced by age and boredom..." Next comes "Different", where insanity is back to shine bright anyway, and his braggadocios delivery is assisted by noises of all kinds. "My best friend is a dictionary" he screams and: "vocabulary is the name of my girlfriend" and later: "most say, my free-form is the anti-form." Well...we wouldn't deny.
And as you guessed rightly, with everything that comes later, we are constantly forced to deal with the thoughts of the evil genius. Drumloop after drumloop, line after line, everything drowns in his madness. Fortunately, the iteration of whimsical noises - mostly programmed, mostly electronic and only occasionally intermitted by some scratching - fortunately, this is challenged by his inventive rhyming. Or storytelling, as we might describe it. Or putting one line after another. Therein lies some quality, no doubt. Whether you're to bear the hole mixture or continuously push the 'next'-button, is probably only a matter of taste.
Later, just to talk a little more about the matter before we conclude, another peak is reached on "Root Canal". It starts with some kind of movie intro. Horns blowing for heroes during a battle scene, a woman narrating: "The wounds were constantly coming...", but this is just the prelude to another stinging drumbeat where the anti-rhythm determines the course. On "Demented Nerd", he serves us with the perfect image of the intellectually blessed but frustrated, and what we get on "Masculine", finally, is yet another aspect of the problematic antagonism between male and female. We feel that, whatever the circumstances, man and woman just shouldn't get too close, for the result is nothing but anger and frustration: "I'm the man of your dreams, and no matter how it seems. Chose me for life. now your stuck as my wife....Stop that damn crying and go to the bedroom. I'm ready to give you that three minutes of satisfaction you crave. And after I'm gone, don't call your mother and complain about your so-called horrible life…"
If you listen closely enough, however, you might even catch a glimpse of Greek's own attitude between all the negativity. If you dare to. What brings us back to the beginning: Even if the beats are often simply knitted, the diversity between the tracks deserves some appreciative gesture. And we dare to say, with his outlandish attitude, Jimmy Greek might even have created a new genre. Something to scream 'revolution!'; for some of you, at least. Whether you're thrilled or disgusted, however, will decide only after a couple of minutes. So, while some of you rush to the next record store to ask for a new section on the shelf, others might miss 'the leap' and prefer to (forever) sleep - with no regret about what could possibly have been.
review: denise
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