label: weightless

producers: blueprint

guests: blueprint

year of release: 2001
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1. Introduction
2. Got Lyrics?
3. Stop Lyin'
4. The Name Game
5. Pure Form
6. Countdown

7. Figment Of My Concentration

8. Too Many Times
9. Day By Day
10. Screenplay
11. Break Bread w/Blueprint


Got Lyrics?

When global continents shifted, they created special conditions in one rather in the middle of everything state, that provided enough sun, nutrients, wind and gravity, for a special breed of music to be born, grown and remembered. And its lyrical monumental peak has been conquered for the second time, as Illogic is giving us his follow up release to "Unforeseen Shadows". And when you liked those beats, and thought that those lyrics were incredible, then buckle up. Because with "Got Lyrics?" you are in for a ride, that will have the EP feel like a carrousel. What then again isn't meant to take anything away from Illogic's debut, but is merely meant to speak about the enormous proportions of dopeness that has been put on these few minutes of playtime. Yes, few they are, as the record only stacks up 48 minutes. But that makes sure that you will be thirsting for more, once having witnessed this. And more there shall be, as the word is, that "Celestial Clockwork" will be dropping later this year.

But in the meantime there's this album to check out. And once the "Introduction" is counting down its seconds, you know that we get a fine tuned version of previous Weightless recordings. Meaning that both Illogic and Blueprint have stepped up their skills in their according art, leaving the competition in dust, like the floor under a bed, while they hover above every hindrance like it's the easiest thing the mind has ever put itself to. Hence the smooth opening is only the first stab that will quickly be infected with the rather friendly "Got Lyrics?". Well, at least the beat is, as it's full of Soul flavor, a sampled chorus, and a bobbing bass and drum. That is having the lyrics sounds as if they are meant in good humor, before you realize, that this is just the tactic to defeat you while you are still laughing along and giving props.

Then again you want to be in the audience anyways and not step up to Illogic, cause "now every line is a spear / every fan's hard to target / every circle's not a sphere / every soldier's not a sergeant / if every fountain is clear / then every sniper is a marksman / you can't win, so stop trying / you're not ill, so stop lying", so he says on "Stop Lyin'", while Blueprint puts some sound to it, that sounds like a pipe organ. And again this doesn't sound too angry, but that's eventually changed on "The Name Game", with a darker beat and here Illogic is spitting verses using the names of a bundle of artists. Without a break things continue with "Pure Form" where straight battle rhymes are exchanged with complex patterns and outer world content and rhyme styles. Also outer worldly appear the bagpipes at the end of the cut, what has to be one rare case when that instrument makes it onto a hip hop track.

"Countdown" is just an unnecessary such, that opens up for "Figment Of My Concentration". And here the disses are getting face first at times, still being combined with lines like "I'm resting in the arms of a dream / tearing questions by the seines / spit so hot, see the steam rising / from vocal vapors escaping my assault figures / I bust buckles a Hubble telescope telling the scope / shuffling the deck and wreck". The beat is based on horns and separated into sections by some appealing female singing: "have mercy". Blueprint digs out a wah wah guitar for "Too Many Times", that lyrically is going the way of looking back in a special kind of ways, as it's reflecting on the real time adventures as well as the imposed on oneself demands. With "Day By Day" we can finally give a little bit of slack to Blueprint, as this is good enough, but not living up to the rest of the album: the acoustic guitar is not as nifty as the drum programming on this cut and the troubadour singing is just that. But we are 'looking for straws in the pile of needles', to use words that Illogic says at one point on this album, especially as he drops gems like "growing old is mandatory / growing up is optional" on "Day By Day". Hence the slack stick has to be quickly put away, once "Screenplay" comes on, and for that matter, very much when "Break Bread" is closing the album. Because on both cuts (well a little more on the first) the beats are again fully happening. While on the latter Blueprint is stepping to the mic as well, adding verses in his rather whining voice, speaking: "you want food for thought / how you like apples? / I got one with a worm in I can toss at you / and I can tell by the way you bite styles / that your natural instinct's to catch it in your mouth".

Now, we shouldn't miss to mention the poems that Illogic is reciting at the end of "Break Bread", however a mere reviewing of those could never be living up to the heartfelt, deep and eloquent writing. But we shall not miss to give a special nod to the "The Faces We Weave" and "Just Life" pieces.

What leaves us with finding a conclusion to end this review, while everything has actually already been said. Well, we are tempted to say that this album is equally monumental as the shifting of the globe platters that created the environment allowing such art to be done. But that'd be a little exaggerated. Well, a little.

review: tadah

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