Take Me To Your Leader
label: big dada

producers: the metal fingered villain

guests: biolante, gigan, lil' sci, id 4 winds, stahhr, jet jaguar, rodan, trunks, hassan chop, others.

year of release: 2003
MF Doom, known on here as King Geedorah, has so many fans, there's no need for additional plugging of any of his records. At the same time, he releases so many records under so many aliases, a helpful guide will be appreciated by more than just the casual listener. At the same time, this shall not be that guide, because part of the fun with listening to whatever Doom is cooking up, is the initial surprise, excitement as well as puzzlement, whenever you get to hear something new.

1. Fazers
2. Fastlane feat. Biolante
3. Krazy World feat. Gigan
4. The Final Hour feat. MF Doom
5. MonsterZero
6. Next Levels feat. Lil' Sci, ID 4 Winds, Stahhr
7. No Snakes Alive feat. Jet Jaguar, Rodan
8. Anti-Matter feat. MF Doom, Mr. Fantastik
9. Take Me To Your Leader
10. LockJaw feat. Trunks
11. I Wonder feat. Hassan Chop
12. One Smart Nigger
13. The Fine Print
Then again, everything is not that new anymore. As Doom likes to recycle his music in many forms. Be it that he releases instrumentals earlier on in the "Special Herbs" series on the infinitely wonderful Female Fun label, or be it that he simply puts tracks that were out before again on something new. Case in point for the first scenario many examples, including one we are so not mad about, because it's a wish come true. On the "Special Herbs 3" (reviewed here) we wondered what the beat "Benzoin Gum" was used for. Now we know, because it's the Gigan song "Krazy World". Where this monster talks about the traps and dangers of women, cause it's all about them. With the song living up to what the beat promised, therefore this is incredible. And you read right: Gigan song, because Doom, or Geedorah, is not on every song, while on other songs Geedorah is featuring MF Doom, hmmmm (like on "Anti-Matter"). There's the interludes like "MonsterZero", where a million and one movie samples are patched together over a beat, all logically about those rubber suit Japanese Movie Monsters, while on others, he just lets other people rhyme, like the Scienz Of Life and relatives people Lil' Sci, ID 4 Winds and Stahhr The F.E.M.C.E.E. on "Next Levels", or Biolante on "Fastlane".
Now case in point for the second scenario, the track "No Snakes Alive" with Jet Jaguar and Rodan appears on here again, and it was already on the Grimm / Doom split EP that came out on Brick records eons ago (reviewed here). That's the most evolved way of recycling, but thankfully, not the rule for this project. Even though a lot sounds familiar, maybe due that it is familiar, but also due to this really sounding completely like one. Doom really pulled together thirteen songs that got this cheap Sci Fi soundtrack quality to 'em. Another example for that being the beat on "LockJaw" featuring Trunks. But good production is obviously no stranger to Doom, with another one coming next on "I Wonder", where Hassan Chop speaks on reflections on his life, finding a safe net in the questions he raises.
So there you have it, another Doom record. For many there can not be enough Doom records. With everyone pulling their own favorite out whenever it's time for roll call, this record will certainly please the Doomies, as well as attract new fans into the realm of the Geedorah. If there's actually still people that are not fans. They'll be soon enough.
review: tadah
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