label: mush
producer: odd nosdam
year of release: 2002
no tracklasting


Plan9...Meat Your Hypnotis

Exquisite Odd Nosdam is one third of cLOUDDEAD. That alone will be reason enough for about half of you to pick this album up, or throw up a cross, expecting that it will dissolve with a lot of smoke, the smell of sulphur and a couple of screams. What is really tragic about this record, that it doesn't make it easy for us to like it. There are about thirty five tracks on the CD, and if you look at the double vinyl, you see a ton of those lines that separate tracks. Hence this is too quickly passing through a too big number of entities, that it makes it hard for you to really get a feel for it. And it's like building a Lego spaceship, the goal would be to only use pieces of the same color. But Odd is always giving you a different colored piece to put into the construction. And while his pieces always fit perfectly, the end result looks like a spaceship, but still not quite look right.

What further makes it hard to talk about "Plan9...Meat Your Hypnotis", that there is no tracklisting. So how talking about something with everyone knowing, what entity of the record one is referring too, if there's no CD present, that displays easy and not to confuse track numbers? Quite impossible. Hence we gotta keep this general, what however does not have to be a bad thing.

So what we get here are a number of instrumental versions of previously released tracks, as well as a big number of seemingly experimental exhibits, that give us the impression that they were done, mainly to get a quick idea out. And that keeps most tracks really short, what then temps you to use the repeat function of your CD player, or buying a second vinyl, to be able to loop certain tracks into something longer yourself. Cause you do want some of the ideas to last longer, as there's plenty of stuff on here, that is sounding good. But all of that doesn't prevent the whole album to be a treat to all the real fans, giving them an abundance of the adores styles, along with demanded versions that are not available anywhere else. Nevertheless, even for those it's no easily digested record.

We however do get the impression that this album is a collectors piece, that in one way is a thank you to the audience. Odd intentions seem to have been, to end one chapter of his career with this release, to have this be the condensed summary, look back as well as farewell gift, before he moves on to bigger, hopefully better, but probably progressed things. If that's the case, then there's little need to beef with it, because we can cherish it as such. And then it also doesn't need to be an easy listen.

review: tadah

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