7 Years Of Bad Luck
label: freshchest

producers: hood, eagleman and double s, jl and johnny cock, equinox, soul

guests: the nobodies

year of release: 2002
website: supastition.com
An immensely skilled emcee from North Carolina, Supastition may be unfamiliar to many heads, but make no mistake, he's far from a new jack. Previously known as Blackmel, he's worked with NYC players like Jean Grae and Pumpkinhead, as well as fellow Cackalack residents The Nobodies and Yaggfu Front. Throughout the years he's endured assorted industry drama, shady record deals, and random crew beef, but he's never given up on the music. On his largely autobiographic debut LP, Supa lets it all hang out, mixing witty lyrics and head-spinning wordplay with highly personal rhymes relating to his hectic family situations and struggles within the rap game.
Following a brief intro, "Live Like Dat" practically jumps out of the speakers, with a thick bassline and snappy breakbeats supporting fast-paced rhymes overflowing with comical medaphors and raw punchlines. "I'm that feeling when you caught your first little taste of VD / I'm that feeling when you bought the Canibus CD". The track ends with DJ Hughmannhu going nuts on the decks. "Celebration Of Life" sports a mellow, introspective beat, as Supastition describes the scene in hip-hop heaven, kicking it with the likes of Big Pun, Subroc, Eazy-E, Paul C, and others, while "Body Language" is a clever conceptual joint name-dropping various anatomical references atop bold drums and various horns. Again, his wit is in full effect, with choice lines like "knuckle up y'all / a tongue in cheek rapper with enough balls / to tip toe in the orgy / whisper to the room 'fuck y'all'".

1. Intro
2. Live Like DAT
3. Celebration of Life
4. Da Waiting Period
5. Body Language
6. Best of Life
7. ThatzMuzik
8. Crown Me!!!
9. Mixed Emotionz
10. The Trademark
11. Fallen Star
12. Hip Hop Vs Life
13. 2nd Name (ft The Nobodies)
14. Dreamland
15. Mixed Emotionz (Freshchest Prose Mix)
More than just a punchline maniac, he also shows his sensitive side on several tunes. "Best Of Life" reads like an open letter to his mother and daughter, and "Mixed Emotionz" is a heartfelt true story about becoming a father at age 15. Sweeping pianos and clacking rimshots fit the track perfectly, and an excellent remix appears as a hidden track. Also impressive is "Fallen Star," which tells the tales of three confused people - an overweight young lady, an alcoholic veteran, and a girl who meets her abductor over the internet. Chopped keys, minimal beats, and a moody Billie Holliday sample set the tone nicely.
The frustration of trying to get a deal is broken down on the breezy, chime-laden "Da Waiting Period," the album's first single and something that any aspiring emcee can relate to. Here he vents without whining, keeping his head up while going through the trials and tribulations of this notoriously sheisty industry. "I used to try to make beats stoppin' and pausin' the tapes / but all I want is my record beside yours in the crates".
A well-balanced mix of clever humor, thought-provoking seriousness, and straight skills, "7 Years is easily amongst the year's best debut albums. With more material like this, look for Supastition's luck to change soon.
review: brolin winning
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