Soul Travelin'
label: black son
production: symbolyc one, illmind
year of release: 2004
1. Intro
2. Luv Is
3. The Dotted Line
4. Cloud Nine
5. All The Way
6. Move
7. Honey
8. Oh Yeah
9. Eternally Yours
10. Recreate
11. Soul Travelin'
12. Oxygen
13. Remember my Face
14. Strange
15. Speed Bump
16. Gotta Lotta
17. In the Sun
This is the part where I usually dedicate a paragraph to some thoughts about how this album invoked a particular thought or realization, but to be honest, I have to first and foremost get this out there: Symbolyc One (1/3 of Strange Fruit Project, and the man responsible for the beats behind their music) is a walking prodigy. The music on this album is by far some of the most incredible I've ever had the opportunity to listen to. And that is quite an accomplishment. But further yet, quite a statement considering how much music I've heard in my 28 years on this earth. His production style is just so soulful, beautiful, and thumping, that I dare anyone who listens to his beats say something negative.
With that said, Strange Fruit Project makes music that touches the soul, inspires the spirit, and invokes the thought process. Their music is positive, spiritual, and could even be classified under Religious Rap. Their is nary a curse word to be found on the entire disc (quite an accomplishment within itself). SFP is composed of three members, the aforementioned Symbolyc One, and rappers / singers MyOne (pronounced My Own), and Myth. Yes you read correctly they can both rap and sing. The sheer level of talent that exists between this trio is of seismic richter scale proportions. It comes together all so seamlessly, and so naturally, I cannot think of many artists whose sound is so polished, well produced, and surgically precise sounding. There are constant references to the trios outlook on life, music, God, family, love, and growth, expressed through their use of spoken word, or the talent of song. Melodic undertones, sensual basslines, and harmonic vocals are all combined to create one incredible album.
Not sure if you remember, but Winterfresh gum had a commercial a year or so ago featuring SFP, but that was only a taste of what was in store, because these cats are the real deal. These cats deserve an opportunity to get on if there is any decency within this industry, point blank.
Now go out and buy two copies, one for you, and one for a friend, Strange Fruit Project earns all the props they garner, and are worthy of your support. Listen to their music and be converted.
review: mcktwo
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