label: marcion
producers: phil rust, godschild
guests: c-razy walz, lil sci, a.l, vast aire, yeshua dapoed, pumpkinhead, wordsworth.
side a
1. Area Code (212) dirty
2. Area Code (212) clean
3. Area Code (212) instrumental
side b
1. Lucky 7 feat. lil sci, a.l, vast aire, yeshua dapoed, pumpkinhead, wordsworth. - dirty
2. Lucky 7 feat. lil sci, a.l, vast aire, yeshua dapoed, pumpkinhead, wordsworth. - clean
3. Lucky 7 feat. lil sci, a.l, vast aire, yeshua dapoed, pumpkinhead, wordsworth. - instrumental


Area Code (212) b/w Lucky 7

Leonardo DiCaprio is said to be a real underground hip hop fan. We however have no need for him, as we've already got a babyfaced posterchild in this biddnizz. Okay, step back, that wasn't meant to diss neither of the two, but yo, for real. However, Ace Lover the kid this is referring too, and however the kid looks like, his music is definitely not for the teenagers. Then again, scratch that, this is as much for the teenagers, as it is for the one old geezer in front of the liqueur store. We don't wanna discriminate. Cause Ace's music is kinda funny. It definitely has humor and if you add the beats done by Switzerland's transplant Phil Rust, then you got a niftingly freestyled sounding "Area Code (212)", where Ace is definitely not intending to change the world, with him pacing through the topics like a kid in a toy store that doesn't know what gift to pick.

On the flip tip we get a 'how many folks can we fit on one track' cut. Cause this is welcoming Lil Sci, A.L., Vast Aire, Pumpkinhead, Wordsworth and Yeshua dapoED on "Lucky 7", and they are sharing this Phil and Godschild produced beat, that's featuring a previously heard bassline, that's beautifully recycled though. Or something. However, if you check out the lyrics, then we get a bundle of punchlines, with Vast Aire actually saying "I like to put apples on foreheads before I speak / it's like archery but only appears deeper". Ill. Like the whole track: ill. So if you got a teenaged sister or brother, or if you are yourself still of such a baby age, then do yourself and that other person a favor and get yourself, and that other person, a copy or two of this twelve inch. I hear that there will be a sequel to Titanic and together we can get Ace the leading role.

review: tadah
label: karma response unit
producer: happ g, scandal
website: 40th
side a
1. Super Scandalous clean
2. I Don't Care clean
3. Tiddy-Itty
4. Scaaand
side b
1. Super Scandalous instrumental
2. I Don't Care instrumental
3. Tiddy-Itty instrumental
4. Scaaand instrumental


Super Scandalous

The group 40th Dimension seems to be happy enough to provide some not to be taken too serious bragging steelo for us. Case in point: "Super Scandalous", that is also throwing some blows and upper cuts at the industry. But this HappG and Scandal produced offering is only track one of the four we can find on this generous 12". And on "I Don't Care" we are suckered in by sweet strings, and Happ dropping by to spit some verses too, and he's using some of his time to reminisce a little. But where are the chicks and the booze? Hmm...also not in Scandal's verse.

So let's move on to "Tiddy-Itty", where we are listening to Scandal shouting out his city Philly. And when he's not doing that, he's kicking the punchlines, like they are an empty can on the sidewalk. And he's gotta spit quickly as his flow doesn't allow it to even breath. At least that's how it sounds like. Now finally, we get "Scaaand", and the beat is a little more obscure what is always to our liking. Lyrically we are staying in similar waters, as we are getting more 'yo, I'm nice' rhymes. That's cool, that's hip hop, but well, okay, we agree: it's not brilliant. However, for you good times, plenty of smirks and head up and down movements fienders, this 12" offers no disappointment.

review: tadah
label: milieu
producers: dj a.l.k., phil pro
side a
1. 365 Live clean
2. 365 Live instrumental
3. 365 Live acappella clean
side b
1. Crush Competition clean
2. Crush Competition instrumental
3. Crush Competition acappella clean


365 Live b/w Crush Competition

You shalt not spit in a language that's not the same as your mother tongue. So the rule goes. Well, in some cases rules are to be ignored, especially if there's reason enough for it. Like if it's stupid, or if there's a good excuse. Let's say, you live in Switzerland, where they speak this strange version of German, but you got roots in Boston. Huh? What is to do? Well, you probably shall be getting your anarchist kit out and simply flow in English, right? And there's no reason why to frown on that, as these Underclassmen do got said roots in said city, hence what they are doing on their new 12" comes by far not forced, if not to say, rather natural. And the cut on the a-side is also making it clear, that "as long as I'm alive, I'ma keep it live", so they proclaim on "365 Live". The two rapping dudes Trig and Kaotic are sharing the space on the cut equally, with both possessing the right flow, that's smooth enough to glide over the beat, but rough enough to make their braggadocios words have the necessary impact. As also the beat is not opting for the cuddle hour, with it being equipped with the boom and the bap, that gets the crowd going, as well as the head nodding, and the speakers thumping.

Now the a-side cut is straight, but quite honestly, it's the b-side that takes away the belt. This sides is just a little more extra extra, meaning, the beat by Phil Pro on "Crush Competition" is a little less stereotypical, while just as hard and hitting properly. Heck, even hitting harder, as the chorus is featuring some serious scratching done by DJ A.L.K. going through a host of different excerpts. Lyrically the 'men are once more misusing our ears as punching bags, as they are lining up the battling words, and quickening their flows, to adapt to this more intense offering. So what then summing up means, that we, meaning those that like their hip hop to increase their neck troubles, shalt be happy with this 12".

review: tadah

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