label: fukdup

production: n/a

year of release: 2002
side a: 1. Pray (Original); 2. Pray (Instrumental); 3. Pray (Radio Edit); 4. Pray (acapella)
side b: 1. Pray (Nemesis Remix)
"Garage is the only sellable and marketable urban music in the UK today", so the devil advocate states at the beginning of Paradise and D.Tonk's "Pray". These cats should be known to anyone ever listening to the 57th Dynasty, as them and the label Fukdup Records are stemming from that family. This is their newest 12", and it's meant to big up the UK and let everyone know that while they talk US releases, these kids dig for the U too, but with a K, okay?

The beat on "Pray" is ugly in all it's fake piano keyboard using. So we shudder with a cold rush running down our backs. But this no-no beat allows us to pay a closer look to the intense and militant lyrics: "if the UK don't bust, it's gonna get dangerous" they say, to then threaten to bum rush the stage performance of wack artists. There's more chances to listen to the words, as "Pray" also appears in the form of the 'Nemesis Remix'. And this beat is much better, despite it still having a fake string section in there. But the intensity is working, the layers are atmospheric and the overall feel is dramatic. That makes the words sound better too, and you are surprised that this is not the original but a changed version.
Then you also get the "Pray (Radio Edit)" and 'Instrumental', rounding out this unfortunately only one track deep offering, with the highlight definitely being that 'Nemesis Remix'.
review: tadah
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