Audio Reasearch

Serious: Right now we’re focusing on this Audio Research compilation, “Rugged Radio Saturday“, mixed by DJ Craze, which features production from the three of us. It also features production from Dave-One, D-Styles and Necro. Right now we’re prepping for the European in promotion of that. In the meantime, we’re also working on our own
Simahlak: It’s not really. Dave-One and A-Trak simply picked joints from what we all had in the vaults. We just let the music speak for itself when its available and accessible to do so.
A-Trak: We just don’t talk too much about projects until they’re really confirmed and locked down. Last time we updated the website (, I think Craze had just finished the CD and we were wrapping up the artwork. It was a bit early to announce it. We wanted to create a bit of a buzz, that’s all. At this point it’s really not a secret – we just hadn’t updated the site in a minute! But that’s already taken care of by now.