Being a little kid hanging out with an older person named ‘Sundance‘; he was a friend of the family and also a member of Zulu Nation. He used to bring me to street jams and introduced me to Afrika Bambaataa. If it wasn’t for him and a DJ named Looie Loo from my block in Manhattan, I would not be in music today.

It was any show King Sun was doing or Kool G Rap because I was right there watching and learning.

Were you rhyming straight from the get-go? Did you ever get into DJing or breaking or doing graffiti?

My mom bought me a pair of turntables as a little kid. I love breaking but I grew up around some of the best breakdancers in the world, The Rock Steady Crew, and Looie Loo was the best DJ around so he helped me find my mark, which was lyrics. I represent Rock Steady Park in Manhattan.